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As 'la tox' needs space for her poems - here's her forum space!8)



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thx boggy :P take me a while to collect them all up now i removed them from ukcb n post them on here :) luvs u all :)

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but first i got hockey so catch up wiv u all latrs gonna kick butt on the hockey pitch now :D

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jolly hockey stix tox!



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okies first of my old ukcb poems i am putting up...

called insanity

insanity is her reality

sane just a game

her mind crosses over

boundries forbidden

dreams are her awakening

awakening holds her fears

flight into fantasy

drowning in tears

a life yet short

yet full of things that haunt

the screams of silence deafen

yet unheard beyond her walls

hidden curled confined

like baby not yet born

a chrysalis ugly tough now torn

a butterfly she emerges now its dawn

a circle will complete

when nightfalls and troubled sleep

circle no end no way out

confined to insanity is her right

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this one is called

on shores of Styx..

i kneel by dead rivers shore with darken waters of misery

my crimson life ebbing away from the release i have made

mixing with cold black waters of the Styx

as arms held out in self pityful praise to let blood flow

i feel no shame for what i do my choice it always was

just sorrow for this life is through

for those i leave behind i pray they will feel no pain

i know some will remember i know some will forget

my hope fades with warm red drops like falling in scarlet rain

do i dare to hope that i may turn and live again

my head bows in paling thoughts as ashen colour creeps

a consciousness seeking the eternal sleep

waters dilute my crimson tide to clarity

carrying away all my memories and regrets

as i sit with shallowing breath ripples form cold upon shore

ripples made by hooded reapers ore

he has come slowly across the river

my soul to collect my price i paid

to close my life at moons growing light

as i seek my darkest hour i open my arms to embrace the night



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left behind... about a daughter dying before her mum..

she looks down on timid pale form

longing for time to rewind

rewind to a time when laughter and song filled her life

of childish prank and innocent play

sadness her time has been cheated

she looks upon ashen face so at peace

where from lips no breath sighs anymore

her little fallen angel has left her behind

left her to suffer a lonely mothers yearn

no more to her bosom can she hold

no more scorn can she pour

broken on the ground she found

her little girl in curled up sleep

her fallen angel now whos wings are strong enough

her fallen angel has now learnt to fly once more

leaving a deepest agony a daughters death a mother alive

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okies more to follow soon :)

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great stuff tox!



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a wonderful thread tox :)


love is falling into love

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okies this one i call simply "table"

talking down to her with venom and scorn

stood across from dinner table battle lines drawn

one side screaming fire rage bitterness

one side in quite trembling seething hate

no listening no wanting the why

just another day distance becoming more wide

time ticks slow as she waits

sat in world pulled around so small

she builds one more brick lifes wall

her mind closed off from mothers taunt

the poison filling her every thought

solitude and sanctuary sought

as slamming door disturbs her vacant stare

peace desends with sigh of despair

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Loving the work Tox! :)

I love how you make the reader really think....to work at unravelling the depth of what you are saying...thats a great talent!Don't lose it ;)

I love 'On Shores Of Styx'....thats a great piece, and you've really captured some great imagery there!

I also really like 'Table'.....this piece really takes me back to some of my old memories......again, thats a brilliant talent you have harnessed there....taking the reader in...making them 'feel' the story you are telling.

Can't wait to read some more! xXx

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thx charlotte i liek urs cos u keep it so simple in the short lines but u say sooo much in them :)

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okies called Steel was the last one i ever posted on ukcb so im puttin it on here now

cold steel glistens in pale dawns light

wafer thin in fingers clasped

sharpness gives curious edge

turned over in contemplating dream

faint smile on bitten lip appears

bared pale skin wrist bent in taught form

steel touches slowly drawn

skins fragile weakness parts with ease

no match for sharp edge as fate is sealed

sliver cuts deep til artery revealed

pallid skin colours with scarlet flow

on weary face no remorse does show


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satans clown :| one  of my earlier ones when i was still developing my writing :)

call him jester call him fool

dont cross this guy he's mean and cruel

he dances upon your grave

hes here to make you satans slave

his job u see is one so grim

here to take you to hell with satanic grin

he sits by lucifers right hand

hell his playground and homeland

when you die he will come

and dance around til funeral done

when mourners have left and gone

he will read his list very long

if you are on it better beware

he will grab your soul with no care

dance the devils jig hes in no hurry

down to hell you will start to worry

he laughs and jokes about your fate

torments with words you so hate

he is satans jester joker clown

his job he does never with frown

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okies this was my kinda protest one when people commented on ukcb they didnt want to see my poems  :| death of a poet..........

she lays in water warm

she friend sweet bottle of wine

this her way to mourn

lifes end to prose and rhyme

crimson path across floor has drawn

a line back to contrasting white

silent drops form lifes scarlet pool

paling arm falls over baths cold edge

body closing down as life ebbs

a scarfice of futures story

forever untold of what may have been

she feels waters cold embrace

softening ripples from struggling chest

shallow breath becomes a whisper

a ghostly noise slips to deathly slumber

eyes final picture of white ceiling

no colour as greyness comes creeping

pupils stare in black illusion

no life behind those eyes intruding

cold bath her final place

poets life rhymes end held in distaste



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ookies enough for tonite i will post more and soem new ones soonish i hav a few im just finishing :)

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okies carryin on postin soem of my older ones...

dare to sleep..........

tick tock

no say it slower

t.. i.. c.. k.. t.. o.. c.. k..

thats the midnite clock

slowly creeping foward in time

making night seem eternal

your sweet dreams fade in minds fog

giving yielding to the uncontrolled

you try to change it

direct the scene

but now its unconcious the way it will be

minds rollercoaster pulls you along

the shadows monsters appear on cue

you fight u flight but it has u snared

trapped on a path you never dared

the dream forms shapes

vivid or vague

prays on your fears in reality unmade

a circle with no escape

the only exit is to awake

staying with you wide open eyes

scared to slumber case it returns

fight fight fight the sleep

nitemares lurk in your mind so deep


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an earlier one from when i first started wrting proper this year :| lookin back i guess it shows how simple my poetry was back then :|


fast the beating heart

fast the flight away

fast the light is fading

fast the end of day

fast she wants to run

fast how can she go?

faster the gaining spectre

faster her end will come

faster darkening skies

faster nears the end

faster her heart is beating

faster her painful breathing

stopped her steps have come

stopped her fear no more

stopped the darkness falling

stopped the spectres touch

stopped her panicked gasping

stopped her life now death


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another earlier one :| ...... heart-less

symbol of life symbol of love

cupids shape bodys pump

fast beating in lovers flirt

deathly silent when stops the work

world revolving on all it means

hope love life or so it seems

in lifes turmoil of heart unforeseen

drifts a girl slow on satans dream

no warmth no colour in her chest

cold cold blackness her hearts carress

sinister hollow feeling no love

dark passions all she lusts

no flirtacious beating does she feel

but slow bass dull pulse is all she needs

cold stare dark mind empty heart her life

untouched desires banished from within

distant from all who pass she feels unseen

who needs hearts warmth glow?

not this girl full of woe

her task is but clear

banish all love wivout any fear

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