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okies enuff for now :P

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great stuff tox! Keep them coming!



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Toxic has said simple was too fast, but slowing down, she knows her past,

Tis not the words complex defines the verse, but the emotions happy and hurts,

Toxic's speedy ramblin prose, is as simple as the full blown rose,

I really like Fast, I think you did a great job with it.  :)

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toxic hen, enough is never enough :)


love is falling into love

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okies hm well been busy wiv hockey n work n so on n been kinda quiet n thoughti wud kick start writin again now its more autumny n dark outside soooo a simple one i wrote to get back into the flow of my mind :)

a winter covers my soul

grey cold a filling the void of my life

sat on tombstone etched in faded script

the person beneath my companion for today

he or she listens to the turmoil of my thoughts

silent in response but knowing what i want

grey of stone matchs grey of sky

cold of stone matchs cold of air

green moss and lichen the only colour on this day

bare trees surround in knarled embrace

all seem dead as tombs resident

no sight no sound no movement pass

nothingness except cold shivering gasps

body shudders as chill awakes

from numbness as iced rain begins to fall

cold to cold yet not cold enough

i yearn to feel snows ballet touch

to watch the flakes dance on airs soft breeze

to mesmorise with freedoms tease

a white to contrast greys surround

but luck is not to be found

so maybe if i sit here a little longer

waiting waiting in awakened slumber

nature will show her kindness

and bring me whiteness before deaths pale sadness



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I can feel the frost laying.... nice one tox!



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thx boggy i kinda been neglectin my poetry n bein on here but im determined to get back wiv it :)

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sent shivers up me spine - lol

well chosen werds fer the emotions you bear.

a poet under yer aen guise toxic -




love is falling into love

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okies wrote this while watchin mum cook lools:roll:

the gnarled old woman stands

bent over cauldron black

potions and spells on shelves stacked

in colours and smells of unworldly form

she mumbles under steamy haze

as liquid boils over dancing flame

in shadowy corner young girl sits

patient in concentrated gaze

she watches as woman performs

and dark magic in room forms

the young apprentice eager to learn

of mystic occult and black spells

she writes in srcipt of foreign tongue

new spell being cast and done

her hands in haste scribble strange words

not one missed heartbeat does she waste

her life as novice witch

her destiny to be dark magic bitch

old woman looks across with glee

"my child will be as dark as me"

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okies well im keepin postin on here even tho its quiet sooooo this one i have been workin on for a bit of time tryin to find new words with my thesaurus so i hope it works :)

on deaths cocoon in lifelessness she lays

upon crypt of aged cold grey stone

occupants script scoured into faded form

softened into stones carcase over countless time

moss and lichen in speckled islands

dull colours on pallid ice stone sea

natures masonry man formed into final resting place

thorny tendrils circle crypts base

like underworlds threads pulling into winters earth

drawing stone ingot down

down in slow slow timeless motion

around deaths plot winters wooden statues stand

trees dark gnarled skeletons in silhouette

cast cracks in moonlights glow

winters wind passes through in soundless blow

where once summers leaves shimmered in warm breeze

leaves now in brown dead carpet

a veil of summer past in natures eternal cycle

across nights sky black timidness flits

birds of darkness pass by with icey shrill

bats free of daytimes haunt

roam in nocturnal hunt

prey of night their victims sought

so they may feast before dawns taunt

girl lays in silent thought

cold breath casting a soft lifes mist

brown eyes in skyward wondering gaze

reflecting moons full phase

moonlight beckons like heavens bright tunnel

a false gateway to godly paradise

perfect light stained with falsehood greys

as anemic skin shivers with coldness vibration

head rests upon stones pillow

here to lay in daring temptation

to pass through nights witching hour

to taunt minds fears and imagined torment

her self willing in defiance of shadows eeriness

her hopes to see new days light

to leave this morbid place as sun splinters skys black light





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ookies another shortish poem of the dark siide :)

kneeled on cold stone floor

head bowed in deep dark prayer

held in clenched hands a cross in downward point

in direction to darkest hell

as lucifers prayer is spoke

with lips that move with sighest sound

scarlet life drops to alters face

as cross cuts pale hands skin

she sacrifices friends and memories

to dedicate her life and being

pledged to follow satans path

to walk between flames of damnation

to touch the evil held within

to cast out godliness and goodness

to open her heart to black and cold

to seek an unfeeling guiltless soul

this her power to become

to hurt and pain as she pleases

with slight smile at those who suffer

life complete life is whole

though futures payment will be costly toll

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an angels death....

white angel sits on rivers bank serene

feeling summers breeze as butterfly dances

with wings gives colourful waltz

and waters flow in gentle song

ripples playing sweet serenades

as flowers cast sweet smells so strong

tunes played of rose and lavander scent

as sun shines down in godly light

a scene of tranquil ideality

of love and pray and hymn to him above

peace in untainted guise

as treading in silent steps in shadows cover

walks one whos form this day will murder

black of clothe and of wing

her barefoot step summers grass does singe

her silence in movement with breath held


her pray ahead one of gods maidens in sight

knife drawn from her back her victim now


as blade is raised with satans spite

white angel knows not why or who

as death comes upon her with shrill cry

white dress and wings taint red

in frenzied hacks scarlet life is bled

and angel dies and heaven mourns

black angel mocks god with scorn

and slowly lucifers servant walks

as rivers waters flow with bloody haunt

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okies thoughts of summer days...

laid in summers meadow

sweet flowers in sun unfold

dawns dew has left earths nightly hold

skyward sent by suns warmth touch

grass hums with crickets tune

as butterflies dance in rainbow waltz

laid in all that is life of gods given garden

but laid in solitude and silence

dress once white but now tainted

touched in mosaic of teared black colour from painted eyes

and darkened crimson dried on clothes once pure form

bandaged wrists in failed contemplation

of desire for blackness cold bitter end

laid in seeping termination

to late to stop the ebb of life

watching butterflies blurr

of wings beating fast in their flight

blurred by slowing sight

of eyes whose waters carry the sorrow

sorrow to leave behind the beauty of natures story

as crickets tune begins to mute

and colours begin to grey

and scents sweet flavours touch decays

final peace in meadows grass has come to pass



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an angel fall :|

grey green in mottled dampness

the walls of her cage her room her prison

this her place that is sanctury in her destiny

fallen from grace in despair and desire

this angel who dared to tread a forbidden path

her wings dirtied into impure white

her clothe tattered in ragged disarray

she hides from those that would mock and scorn

those from whose company she was torn

her sin was but to tell

"my lord god with a human i layed on the grass"

and led to her banishment to earth become her hell

she fears the disdain of her peers

the hatred of those who looked and sneered

this fallen angel no home can find

not even lucifers gates has welcoming sign

now life is set to wander

immortal in loneliness

cast from the heavens

unaccepted in hells halls

for one brief time a kiss and caress

a touch of cheek has led to her fall

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ookies time to get 2011 goin n get more peoms :) i need to get sorted here so i wrote this after a day of silence between me n mum over xmas

i sit on shores of life

the waters deep and wide

you sit on shores of opposte side

we watch we stare at each other there

i look down my reflection i see

i look up at the woman i may be

but water runs deep water runs fast

i reach out but air is all i grasp

i want to talk i want to say

but rivers noise my voice carrys away

you cannot hear my call

you cannot see my fall

i touch waters edge

my reflection ripples

crazed by eddys of time

you stand and look but do you see?

those ripples my yearn my need

will you step to waters edge?

will you touch that i sent?

or is river to wide to deep to fast

to try to make a compromise that lasts?



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Tox! thank you for your ever increasing brilliance with your poems, and thank you for keeping posting too! luvs ya lotz! x



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okies couple more i need to put on here :P

red rose is lovers gift

pure silken petals symbol of soft touch

part bloomed in sign of loves adventure

given in romance desired

black rose spurned symbol traded

laid upon damp pages

wet with tears of heart now broken

smeared script of loves written poems

black as heart

blackness cold

touched with flecks of scarlet bold

as pages run in tear stained blood

where thorns of despise form razors edge

skin torn in physical world

heart torn in unrealitys ache

poem turns to shredded soul

of love denied

of love untold

black rose lays upon the page

red rose grasped in dead lovers grave

last lines are written

the chapter closed

closing book the storys told

on shelf of dust book is laid

this valentines masquerade


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sat in mock tea party

seated in sweet serene circle

pretty pretty eyes

smug fixed smiles

plastic face in fixed expression

plastic arms with welcome hands

plastic cups and plastic plates

pretend games of childrens mind

their pretty pretty perfection

mocks the life of reality

designed on dreams and desires

the world of cindy and of barbie

and cutsie happy teaparty

i hate their perfection

i hate their meaning

i hate their world of beauty and boutique

i hate their hair long and flowing

their lips in fixated smile

with scissors in angered hand

attack and stab i take my stand

hair is cut and eyes pierced

and head pulled from body in vengence cruel

no more pretty pretty doll

no more perfection my life to rule

doll is dead

doll no more

doll scattered across cold floor

i look around at chaos caused

and sip dolls tea in silent pause

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tis kool boggy :P i am gettin more n more into reading other poetry nowdays n understanding soooo much more:) 

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sleepless beauty frozen in time

is she faultless?


flawless no

losing her mind ?

her mind ?

she tries to breathe

no air

no life

she tries to believe

no faith

she tries to remember

and the pain comes rushing back

the memory is weak

she commited no crime

she tries to scream

she is frozen in tlme

looking from outside

through window of life

watching watching

to life never had life on the inside


passed by

a ghost

a shell

alive but dead to those walking by

let her in

call her in

please dont shut the door

please please

give me comfort once more

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