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I truly love everything you write tox!



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sweet dream..............

crawl into your dreams

like wretched sleeper in storms of


battered by lifes unreality

dark time storys of your tormented mind

fall into the unwaking depths of despair

tunnels and passages no mortal would rather


a journey of no choice

one of endless circles at sane mind tears

you wish for purity and of light

of angels of birds of colour of beautiful


your wish crushed by nightmarish hell

into bedtimes infinite well

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red rose is lovers gift

pure silken petals symbol of soft touch

part bloomed in sign of loves adventure

given in romance desired

black rose spurned symbol traded

laid upon damp pages

wet with tears of heart now broken

smeared script of loves written poems

black as heart

blackness cold

touched with flecks of scarlet bold

as pages run in tear stained blood

where thorns of despise form razors edge

skin torn in physical world

heart torn in unrealitys ache

poem turns to shredded soul

of love denied

of love untold

black rose lays upon the page

red rose grasped in dead lovers grave

last lines are written

the chapter closed

closing book the storys told

on shelf of dust book is laid

this valentines masquerade

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I  love 'rose' tox! - thank you for sharing x



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i wrote this while eating my lunch so its a bit short :/ but hey u kno :P

i hug close to my dark demise

holding onto lifes last breath

as light fades into greying mist

my living eyes in dying glaze

the sounds and sights

they fade in deaths consuming fog

final darkness covers all

as blood ceases its warm flow

and palid skin cools to touch

goodbye my world my life my time

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a watery poem :)

water ripples in bright blue dance

as she sinks beneath surface warmth

down into oceans demise

in serene sink her body dives

upward looking with wide curious eyes

she watches as suns dance glitters above

bright flashs give childhood memorys

of christmas of tree lights sparkling lights

but no more chritsmas shall she see

as body sinks in deepening sea

the coldness wraps her body small

as lights last shadow on palid face falls

signs of life drift to the heavens

little bubbles of last airs in hurried


bodys starts in shiver cold

as waters warmth now has lost its hold

fingers toes in numbing feel

like unfeeling tide through body flows

skin turns to pale blue grey

a colour not seen but by soul is felt

lungs ache in desparate claw

in craved oxygen but no air to draw

she continues in waters graveyard fall

as chest screams now for final release

and waters seep

but no panic no fear no pain

just wonderment as lips call her mothers


a final farewell a finall goodbye

on seabeds sand her soul now lies


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okies a short poem about a person buried:)

aid in earth laid to rest

aged body of person past

skin of crust dried like porcelien cast

greyness and cold but will not last

as decay and rot creep in timeless advance

wood of deaths cocoon crumbles

mixed into earths soil bosom

and worms crawl from wretched wrinkled skin

body is left to feed mother earth

your fate to be insects food

as those buried around sing immortal song

"death is all the final curtain call"

"your play is done"

"darkness falls the audience gone"

"the final bow you are one of us"

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more briliance of darkest depths of the imagination - love it tox!



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okies  i pressed the wrong button there :P a poem about dying alone :|

in quiet solitude

laid self to rest

cold rain on window chatters

winters mist on aged glass

its hard to feel the warmth

in isolated world

now just four walls of colorless form

memorys on shelves surround

of a world a life thought to forever last

framed photos of family loved

ornaments from places shared

treasures to one but clutter to others

precious colours now faded greys

laid in upward stare

shallow breaths faint fog in chilled still air

no one here no one to share

the final moments did they not care?

family gone to far off place

children grown outlived your use

they will see one last time

this bodys palid hollow form

to gaze on blank dark eyes

eyes that do not return

the stare and grief they pretend to share

a sigh in breaths final gasp

as heart slows from eternal beat

its time to say that final farewell

the pain touched knowing

you die alone

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err.... tox......^ tis very dark and black^ but empty? lol x



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confusion  :|

the day saw me feeling

saw life in my heart

saw hope in my eyes

saw wonder in my mind

then night fell in black cold veil

and gone went the warmth

no sun shining no light no song of life

i layed in depair lost sense of desire

like summer fades to autumn

so survival fades to demise

childhood dreams lost to adolescent


numb in the dark self pain my clue that im


shadows for my friends

in silence my heart beats

my one true companion

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empty? :roll:

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that's better!!!!


now.... a request.... I would like a tox pome about........ Highland Road cemetery at night!

I grew up in Bristol Rd, overlooking the cem, and on certain evenings, i would swear I saw some of the graves with an Angel headstone that moved!........ and the trees would rustle in shadows, and the wind howl from the holy-cross headstones - SHIT it got scary at times! lol  






March 31, 2011 at 4:20 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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...and those headstones and the angel are still there now! i could show them to you? lol x



March 31, 2011 at 4:23 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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lools okies i will give it some thinkin i live not to far from highlands n me n my friends hangout there soemtimes just chillin n chattin n maybe the odd ciggy n drink :P

March 31, 2011 at 4:24 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Hey, no pressure, I think I'd enjoy looking at my past too! ( I lived in Bristol Rd from being born to when i was 21....so apart from a glimpse, I've not been there for 25 years! Bloody hell - I'm getting old..................but there's some wonderful graves there from, I think, 1826 onwards.

I love to say hi! and have  natter.......... and I'll bring the cigs!!  



March 31, 2011 at 4:29 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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one form when i was feelin a bit down n moody :|

at the dawn i wept

another dark veil ascends

banished by morns creeping light

tears of dream lost to past night

another day facing life

another day of cursed hate

of spite and venom

i lay unmoving in curled sanctuary

on bed of scarlet tainted scorn

marks of nights silent screams

held inside in echoing mind

with faint traces on pallid skin

tracks of cold razors dancing sin

time to move to join the world

to be outside unseen unheard

a nothing a no one a stranger in the crowd

and await nights calling

her beckoning isolation

my world my want my need my fight

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chilling...love it!



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okies been a while cos i have been busy but time to get writnin again so here is a new one

lifes hope wanes

like a candle in solitary death

flickering upon grey stoned alter

alone in abandonment

blowing in unwindowed breeze

a church of past

 long lost from heavenly song

hope fading like candles end

wax burnt down in dying warmth

flame fights gasps and fails

left in wicks ember glow

scared door shuts for final time

closed upon smokes wisping dance

blown into nothingness

gone like lifes hope

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