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Please say Hi to our latest friend - ladywhippet - expect some banter soon! lol



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lol, Thank you for the welcome. I'm on my laptop, so my poems are out of reach for now, being on my desktop. It's nice to have my "voice" back.... :P

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HIIIIIIIIIS LW :) welcoem to a kooler place than u know where :D

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Hi ya Toxic Lady... :P  I can post here....  :D

yeah, I've just started reading some of the poems. Some really nice ones here. :)  Unfortunately, I'm doing actual work rightnow, so I'll not have the chance to post til tonight.

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warm welcolm lady whippet.....love yr pic, its gorgeous  x

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Thank you,  :)  it's from one of my favorite cartoons, The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Disney... Great art work in that cartoon.

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Artist Hand's


I have seen

A great many things

And have yet to see

That which is greatestly

Was ghost of artist's hands


So sure they moved

Greatly they soothed

Look on with wonder

As a painting gains thunder


there are many things

That only seem to be

A surest thing

To be seen

Is ghosts of

Artist Hands.





Music and shadow




There is a wraith sliding in the night,

Here is a rhythm sounding out the time,

Wonders a lonely spirit in misty lights

Dying echos a bells metal chime

Shining grace in which she goes,

Lead by the waning striking toll,

Passing in the night.





Imperfection's Woes ( original title- Monster)


Tis a monster borne within this world of flowers sights

A form that repells the eyes that look

Still this soul has a name that is not the one of shame

Two eyes upon the face so fierce

One nose that catches scents so dear to others fairer

Two lips that smile when delight comes

Who that judges this spirit's form to be so ugly

Can only reveal hearts within

Those who love the imperfections of this lovely world

Can save a light of the single candle.




What is Reflected?


Tried and true minted ways

Paths taken within our views

Leaves us with little time

To greet the morning with a smile

When we look beyond ourselves

Will we see what is reflected

or what is within the hearts of others?

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tempting tastings!  More please!



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Though today her thoughts and mind is scattered,

whippet remembers a poetic date with the boggy one,

He should let known another place in a timely manner,

Whippet wishes to regain the crown of puns...  :P

This was a course assignment when I was young... :D so it's nothing far reaching, it was made for a study of parodies, and satiral works. It was a fun poem to make...

Ties That Bind

(Parody of Poe)

One day 3 stoners were flying high,

By chance they saw a herse drive by.


All knew who laid within,

A common friend, ODed on heroin.


Said one of the 3 kinly fools,

For like brothers they were and thought it cool.


We all have ties that bind,as one we should be,

And revenge on that dealer that gave our friend his OD.


The siblious fools did not think all that came upon their friend,

was what he had asked for, even to the lethal end.


So fine an idea did revenge sound

The 3 like brothers search the town



They found what they sought and started forward to fight,

These 3 kinly fools were still higher than a kite.


But they still believed they were brother tight,

The drug lord knew better, and of course he was right.


This lord laughed at the boldness of these cowards,

For he knew that he held the lives of those 3 within his power.


With a smile Wait said he,I have something that you should see,

With an evil glare, he opened a chest with a skeleton bone key.


Lo and behold,the box held every drug known,

Within the kinly circle was need and greed sown.


Wily evil lord smiled and said, Trade my life for this that you see,

3 kinly fools smiled to let the lord go they all agreed.


The 3 like brother did their thing

And managed one heck of a fling.


As one they fell down and laid as if dead

Minds tormented and useless as lead.


As ties that bind,all died similar of mind,

Like so many of their lonely kinly kind.

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a challenge awaits you on ukcb, will you deliver? I await with glee!



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lol! I wish I could take up the torch,

but UKCB has put me on the porch,

They disincline to let me have a say,

It might be for one or two more days,

I was banned for defending Toxic Lady... but of course they will not tell me how long, so when I am allowed to post again, I will take up your gauntlet with pleasure.. :D

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naughty girl, getting banned! lol!!!


so behave (or not?) on here.....and your challenge is..... cricket in a swedish winter!



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A bat , a ball, cracking together, flying thus high,

goes the ball for the outfielders leather,

A catch, two runners, will they score? The ice is treacherous.

The swedish home crowd yells for more!

The bowler icy hands, warms on his ball, snowflakes fall slowly,

Another toss, spheres of red fall,

a bat swung too late, ending overs, the batsman leaves his field

Footprints reveals the clovers,

Thus this game in homeland Sweden is now done

And this verse ends with it...



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Now the next... China Sea Corked little bottle... :)

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they r brill LW :D lools we just need to get boggy to sort out a poets chatroom n we will b okies all rebels togther :)

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Yeah, we can ride our motorcycles, and wear leather with spikes... Of course I will have to have the white hair with blue streaks :D

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welcome ladywhippet - sini fraem ukcb here :)

lovely werk you have -

the simplicity of "what is reflected" is so innocently reflected -

i just loved it :)


love is falling into love

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Hi, Kim, and thank you very much! :) Reflected was for a lost friend.... so it is very personal. I'm glad I shared it here. And I am so glad you liked it.

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