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A Change

Days are growing shorter and the nights  colder

A life trapped in limbo not moving forward just getting older


Look into the mirror to a stranger staring back

brings me to the brink of tears

wondering how many wasted years?

I've lost track


The once upon a time to the happily ever after

Escapes me like fallen leaves the winter winds scatter


Refuse to feel regret of all the choices made

but have to admit the disappointment cuts as deep as blade


Cherished memories kept under lock and key

that part forever concealed inside of me

Must get back to the person I was before

cause I do not feel like me anymore


Toss caution out the window n let it fly

Time for a change , it's Do or Die!!


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Peachy! Welcome back to the 'nice' jungle...we've missed your words here, don't leave it so long next time.... Do or die? do it here! Nice one georgian sweet lady!  



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welcome back peachy -

very honest werds of a woman -

thank you 


love is falling into love

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The New Year...


Up in the stars the new year awaits

let the rains wash away the old year's pain and mistakes

Past is past that time is dead

eyes set on a brighter path ahead

As the hour glass sands of 2011 begin to fall

wishing a positive and hopeful outlook for all

Praying that Mother Nature this year will be kind

For the whole planet to prosper and only blessings to find!

Each and every day's start we have a choice

to let charity and compassion have a voice!

Health and Wealth and Happiness

May everyone live 2011 at it's best!! xxx




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Sweet Peach, full of sensuous juices

thank you for your new year effuses

and e'en tho' tis a bit late

but we'll still join you and celebrate!



kitkas x



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Long Gone

A beauty stands silhouetted by a candles


gazing longing through a frosted window pane


her eyes trying to focus on the blackened

landscape beyond

but her thoughts stray to the past of another

time and of a lover long gone!


As she awakens with the suns light warming

the pillow on what was his side

she lets out a soft sigh of regret with

sorrow she can not hide


Walking along the sandy beach with the breeze

blowing through her silken strands

watching the waves rolling with frothy foam

her thoughts stray back to the man


the one man that had stole her heart when she

was unaware....

of lovely softly spoken words ,a promise of a

future and of his smoldering intense stare!


Left now with only memories to keep her

company as the days on the calendar move on

The beauty trapped longing for the past and

missing a lover long gone!

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Simple Mind
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This is called Pyramids.. because the Pyramids in Southsea is where me and this girl spent alot of our time and the song is in 2 halfs, the build up to romance and the disintegration.  We are still like best bum chum mates though so it has a happy ending :P



Its late tonight, to drink and drive,

But I was dying to be there,

I've left my friends, to be with you again,

Let's go abroad for the weekend


Whatever I said, I really don;t care,

I'll say what you want to hear and take it back again.


I'm losing myself, I'd never tell you that,

You don't need me, never leave me,

We're lips to lips, lying in your car,

Feeling closer, could never be more far apart,


Whatever ever I said, I really don't care,
I'll say what you want to hear and take it back again,

I miss you more, than yesterday,

You know it;s breaking my heart so please take the pain away.


It's late tonight, to drink and drive,

But it;s worth dying to be there,

I'd leave my friends, never see them again,

Just to see you this evening.

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Ah! Simple Mind! so you're one of the few Pyramid lovers!!? lol  - anywhere else local you inhabit for fun? kitkas 



February 26, 2011 at 3:20 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Simple Mind
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haha.... no. One like myself, I prefer to be discreet :P It was December time when myself and mi'lady used to frequent the Pyramid car park in her car so we were generally the only ones around lol

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Sympathy for the Soldier

The terrible sounds of war

bullets tearing flesh of every color

what is it all for?


Helmets stained with blood, sweat and tears

How can this nightmare go on for so many



Inhaled hot sandy air down parched throats

Praying for some kind of peace is their only



Pain filled cries of manly men

in the end calling for their mothers to come

and comfort them


blood, guts and vomit mingle in the burning


How much horror can the soldier stand?


The many that make it back home again

come with tortured heart and mind

No real peace within themselves to find!


Brave innocence ripped from their soul

the young men return ragged, used and


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