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32 years old
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Poeticity - feel the noize...

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latin american music an' dancing

table tennis, sailing an' scottish dancing

waterskiing, surfing an' scuba diving

white water rafting, rambling, skydiving

swimming an' skiing, climbing an' biking

running an' skating, gymnastics an' hiking

* * * * * * * * * * * *


waterfalls, rivers, angels an' sprites

lochs, tarns an' lakes, romantic nights

cucumbers, water, pianos an' guitars

poetry, songwriting, love, sex an' stars

greenday, george harrison, vivaldi an' verdi

teaching and singing, travelling seaworthy

* * * * * * * * * * * *


religious fanatics, political correctness

malice, t.v., compulsive disquietness

large towns an' cities an' overcrowded places

untrustwerthy people, an' those wi' two faces


kim :)



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Reply kim
3:18 PM on February 20, 2010 
seems we're back online again
efter months uncled in the rain
so he i return a piece of mine
wi' a wee bit o' warmth and sunshine :)
Reply southerndelite
4:09 AM on July 28, 2009 
Thanks Kim for the warmth
I look forward to reading
your poems with glee
soon i will share mine
hope you find them
to be southerndelitefully
Reply kim
4:31 PM on June 13, 2009 
sarah sarah copy an' paste
let no rhyme ga tae waste
pick it an' style it
but let it be highlit
an' send it here te be graced
Reply Sarah
11:13 AM on June 13, 2009 
hi Kim i'll try but at the mo it seems copy and paste is about all i cam mange :(
Reply kim
8:40 AM on April 7, 2009 
lol - was i supposed te jump wi' fear whisper?
Reply whisper
5:35 AM on April 7, 2009 
boo! :)
Reply whisper
7:37 AM on April 3, 2009 
hola, kimbo x lol :D
Reply kim
3:01 PM on March 30, 2009 
passion passion
it's the fashion
love expression
in succession

nothing nawty
doughty, haughty
we're just lasses
bein' jillasses :D
Reply whisper
5:17 AM on March 30, 2009 
i'm good, not bad
never had
a nawty thought
nawty thoughts-zero
can we do roleplay?
you can be my hero
a fireman maybe?
ohhhhh baby lol xxx :D:D
Reply thebogfather
4:22 AM on March 30, 2009 
ladies! very nawty! lol
Reply whisper
6:48 AM on March 27, 2009 
in your case, kim, plenty of room! lolol :D x
Reply kim
7:46 AM on March 24, 2009 
there is alwis room fer new experiences hen - lol
Reply whisper
7:41 AM on March 24, 2009 
twenty one, twenty two
let's have another screw! hahahahahah x :D
Reply whisper
7:40 AM on March 24, 2009 
hmm kim maybe it was because trev's poem 'SHH' was about us in a 3some with him! :O lololol xxxxx
poetic license? i will need an off-license with you two round me! :D:D:D xxx
Reply kim
1:14 PM on March 23, 2009 
one two
a driving screw
three four
the intercore
five six
kix fornix
seven eight
intimate mate
nine ten
ye know ye can
'leven twelve
help yerself
thirteen fourteen
one wi' claudine
fifteen sixteen
one wi' christine
seventeen eighteen
babes creatin'
nineteen twenty
sex a-plenty
Reply thebogfather
12:40 PM on March 23, 2009 
don't you love a sandwich?
or roll or baguette
full of soul ne'er ferget
the filling needs cover
from more than one lover
add mustard, or spice
heat makes it nice
to wrap or fold
savories to be hold
flavours to savour
more than two, to crave
embellish with relish
fillings to taste and save!
Reply kim
9:08 AM on March 23, 2009 
[email protected] :D
whatever made ye come up wi' that - lol?
'tis the relief of poetic license hen -
the spicebox of literature :)
Reply whisper
6:41 AM on March 23, 2009 
please don't encourage trev to write things about 3somes lol x :D
Reply kim
8:04 AM on March 20, 2009 
some of my poems are just answers whisper. nonsensicle in many ways
Reply whisper
7:31 AM on March 20, 2009 
hi kim x just to say i never know what you are talking about x love your poems though x or is that ' i ne'er know what ye'er talking about lol :) x