Poeticity - feel the noize...

come rain or shine.....




This world failing in its own deficiencies
falling down tumbledown avenues
of stressed exposure in hidden light
lost in the humdrum of...living?
rampant revenues of blind alley driving
once allies now hidden in hatred
feeding comatose depression
through purple patches to see weed assault
a saline drip of tedium exposed
a frail sip in drought ridden waters
of life now emptied in the waste
of haste too fractious for contemplation
in depths of crimson despair
floated above grey matters immaterial
sinking in the refuse refusal of reality
pure dirt in the sky of a single breath
saddled with the weight of wanton expectancy
to wait addled with black transparity
so we see nothing, await even less
to be blessed of frailty in solo confession
so once learnt, thus never is the lesson
to sow the seeds that in darkness fail
so to the greed that is beyond the pale
a slight of hand leads to foresight lost
that might is now so weak so at what cost?
blind to the moment, deaf to the voice
touch reposessed with handcuffed choice
we taste less, hence we be tasteless
deprived of true senses one by one
now solitary and alone




Momentary (pending) Loneliness...


So low, solo, yet with babes' imminent release

involuntary, sedentary, silence kicking in peace

two as one with distance farther

you the sum of persistant father

yet in this time, ticking so slow

with one within, with thoughts felt alone

needing the feeding of love from each other

yet too much parity may seem to smother

a mother blooming, resplendant in vibrance

another grooming, expectant in silence

how long do we long for the longing to linger

when self silent song leads to little fingers

held tightly as tears will surely fall

in joy, enlighteningly, fears now will stall

and health and happiness will abound

from pending impression to new life now found

and momentary loneliness will forever be forgotten

as you and Craig have one so special with to be besotten...... 


with much love to you all...x





tedium has finally set in.....
but then nothing to say is not a sin
but where is the written invention
be it debate or pure dissention
what has happened to laughter and fun
poetry, pontification, through cloud and sun
frivolity, sensuousness, knowledge or ire
all seems to have gone, does no-one aspire?
to integrate debates, to challenge the mind
to make one laugh with humour undefined?
or simply to chat about anything with sense
it seems that so much has been lost here, and
there is no defence...
so here I stand with a valiant plea...
plese come and fill the forums
with something of interest to thee and me!





politix (1)


Welcome to the party
we try to faze you all
we are all so alike
it's so hard to call
so scared of invention
frightened to lose a vote
to say something different
would be by chance remote...

you know this land is dying
it's people do not care
and Britain becomes more feral
and morality becomes so rare...

this 'me and me' society
this disregard of impropriety
this littered land of rubbish and waste
this embittered land of wastes of space...

no identity, no hope, no one caring
one pocket, filled, to be unsharing
as moneyed monsters who really rule
treat the reality as the wild fool
bleeding the lifeblood from honest earners
social claims that flood from the downers
pregnant unthought leads to child wild
easily caught in the state provision defiled
why work when the state fulfils?
after each moment of drunken spills...

and is it no wonder that we've no choice
when the electorate is without a true voice
the countrys needs are sold down the river
as our political regime fails to deliver
and this once great country hides in shame
it is only us, the people, to blame...

...red and yellow and green or blue
a vote so remote, is worth nothing to you...




more politix...

the bankers lose our money
the shankers claim the rest
I work for my living...and why?
cos I pay for the rich and work shy...

I pay for the single mothers
I pay for the feral kids whims
I pay for police to set speed traps
instead of catching the real crims...

I wash out my tin cans
recycle all my junk mail
and put my waste in each box
and pay more tax without fail...

I don't drive anymore, I bus or walk
and grow some veg and fruit
yet I pay and pay some more
until my wage becomes a debt absolute...

prices rise as taxes increase,
my self will power falls
suffice no surprise,
I now myself, apall...

Thoughts of leaving this land
but caught in debt in a spiral
perhaps I should join the land-spanned
and become the socially viral...




politix (3)


a grey rainbow...

do you mount your colours to the mast?
from times long lost in the past
do you crave something more from a party?
than repetitive drivel from those less

are you indifferent to what a vote means?
is a vote just a lost social demean
are you left without a voice
as things won't change, ne'er mind the

do politicos offer things away from the
do they hide behind others when comes the
or is it just as I fully expect
nothing comes from the nothings that we

censured conformity in spun drivel drowning
assured insecurity in one tv clowning
and if you are minded to put down an X
ask yourself why, and what is its effects
because as you should realise in clarity
all parties and drowned in mutual parity...

no vision, no national drive or idyll
just left to drown in monitary swill
unable to speak against the true need
we sheep will follow, then as slaughtered
lambs we bleed...






politix (4)


They give you...
random promises and candid ramblings
never followed up by actions.
They take away...
reasons for living and leave us all giving
our pittance in contrition for factions.

They want us...
to follow like sheep in sh!t so deep
and accept their every lie.
They need us just...
to put a cross in the box that never unlocks
so to pick a failure to try.

They ignore reality
with verbal banality
they feed us with pure twisted word...
They await applause
for any answered cause
then silence is all that is heard...

If politics as is thus
is the choice of all us
then we are as guilty as they...
for accepting our fate
til it's far too late
to instigate a new way...

so with this pitiful rhyme
I ask you, this time
to carry out your duty to vote...
just ignore all the names
strapped to those wanting fame
and spoil that paper, then gloat...

that you have then achieved
to disparage the greed
by saying you disagree...
with the current voting way
let them bleed in dismay
don't vote for anyone (except me!)

vote Boggy! lol




politix (rant)


our indifference is pure deference to the
incomebants irrelevance as the oppositions
supposition is positively negative, therefore
we care for, none of the above, so when push
comes to shove we say shove all the above. No
rhyme nor reason whatever the season is there
time to reason why crime is unceasing, and
ceasing to increase the deceasing security,
increasing the seizures of the scared
normality, leads to the process of voting
formality, when no one is worth their place
in principality, and principals are lost in
the mists of time and time is missed to
resurrect this land, as land is money and
wealth is built underhand, and the hand that
feeds no longer can reach, and those that
preach no longer can teach, and so with these
words I finally beseech, please ignore the
masses and vote with belief...

vote Boggy




politix (6) - democracy...


democracy means...

once every four or five years
you can tick or postally lick
a box...
once every four or five years
you can exude, tho' faked boundaries exclude
a voice...
and once you've done your deed
you'll be left fatally to acceed
to whatever whim of whatever party
sold to you hale, trusty and hearty
that will kill you.....
for another four or five years...

and each term is a lifetime
to drown without a lifeline
to blame in shame, the rest...
and the regime denies expression
cancels needs for confession
so lie down and die with no zest...

for nothing will improve
no parity, no groove
without a total restructure...
of political ways and motions
forgetting all devotions
or be left depressed, cos again - they've fucked ya... !




politix (7)



does power really exist?
in the hallowed walls of Whitehall
or is parliament dissed
by the moneyed magnets who buy all?

Are 'our' politicians just puppets on a
Who dance to the orders that finance can
directed by directors of arms trade and
elected by the masters of gases and
dummies to dominate the electoral masses,
no strings attached except by the leading
who then treat us all as herded a$$es...
as once in power defined by ruling other,
will downtread reality at every smother,
and profligate our country to the highest
with nothing more than personal gain to
pure yes-men and women to unrealistic idyll
fronted by words of bu!!sh!t and spiel
to suffocate the droves of unrest within
to placate the drones with social spin
enrol on the dole and be ever mastered
roll with the proles and ride the disaster
then accept the crash to drown your hope
a vote for a party is a vote for a dope...

... perhaps revolution by devolution is the only
way to political execution...or election is a
defection by mutual resurrection...the
correction no longer following personal




a short one.....

put an X
Y ?