Poeticity - feel the noize...

seasons...  (13 poems)

a collection, starting with autumn...from last autumn!




the setting of the weakening sun,
the rustling of the leaves,
the dew upon the spiders web,
the blackbirds song from the trees.

The berries and fruits,
And seeds on the floor,
To feed all of life,
To eat, sow, or store.

The crisp morning light,
The logs for the fire,
The still clear night sky,
And passion much higher.



 the season of dreams and reflection,
the cooling of summers' heat...
the days of night-time closing in fast,
the taste of fruits so sweet...
the evenings made for sharing,
with the one you love...
wrapped in each others arms,
whatever the weather from above...



Tis a chill in the air,
now the evening has drawn...
and it will linger,
from now til dawn,
and the morning will come...
with dew in the air,
but the warmth will come back,
as long as my love is there...



The sun is now fading, its gentle rays
falling behind the horizon, and thoughts turn
to the growing evening, with its chill
northern breeze encompassing the solitude of
dusk. A blackbird sings from the peak of a
tree, calling for its mate, not wanting to be
alone... as the wind rustles the dying
leaves, encouraging their departure to become
havens fo the living and life for the tired
I turn and close the window and
smile...because the one I love is waiting, to
fill the silence with warmth and love... 



Darkness has arrived, but the light from your
window entices...
The chill spreads, but the warmth from your
heart envelops...
the door opens, and the love that flows thru
the twilight, softens any harshness of the
leaving the leaves to rustle in peace. 



Dawn and the crispness of the morning wakes
with the sounds of the sky and the whispers
of the trees. The yawning sun raises its head
and decides that it doesn't want to come out
to play today, leaving a dew...as I say adieu
to my love... 



 the wind is howling and the rain does fall,
beating against my see-through wall...Its not
a day for venturing out, the birds are
hiding, without a doubt...that this is a day
for being close, to the one you cherish and
love the most 



The winds have ceased,
but the sky still warns,
with a threatening scowl,
to smother the dawn,
And tho' the birds may have returned,
to make their plans for warmer climes,
there are still those that wait to enjoy,
the ever nearing winter times,
when frost and dew collide to make,
a chill crisp floor below your feet,
as you gather memories and dreams to last
until the one you love will meet...



It's nearly noon and the sky doth close,
into a gloom that no-one chose,
it fills the day with thoughts morose,
and makes you wish your loved one was close.

But darkening days can bring things fresh,
to feelings of love not ust flesh,
and when that tingle reaches deep,
you'll find happiness before you sleep.

And when you wake, and the sky's still
with menace tho' the air is stilled,
and silence rings thru the air,
before a meet with one so fair...
to share the times of holding close,
and the whispers with, one you love most...
So autumn is a time to review,
the green fields past, and pastures new,
and if this time is well spent,
then all the words, so well meant,
will mean even more to the love in your
and show that nothing can ever make you



The rain now plays its opening chords,
upon my window pane,
the darkness refuses to be removed,
will the sun ever come again?
the wind encourages the rain to dance,
and gain such growing pace,
as I open the door to breathe the air,
it smashes into my face.
leaving freshness and invigoration,
to carry me through the day,
and i know my love will be with me soon,
whatever all else may say.
so with a vibrant step I cross,
the fields to meet my love,
nothing can dampen the passion and fire,
whatever is thrown from above.
and the music that the season brings,
grows stronger in my heart,
as it carousels around my world,
for this time of a fresh new start...



Night has gone, although it fought to the
last, and now a shimmer of light enters the
day - still so grey...
the rain will not give in - it only knows how
to bring life (or death) and does not care
which - or where...
the breeze, decreasing as the tides ebb,
freshens the life all around, slowly moving
the darkened skies...
to allow a little sunshine...into everyones
for a moment, for a while, for today...



The rain still auditions
for the orchestra of my life
and sends its perditions
to try and bring strife
but we all know
that the wind will blow
to bring sunshine
to your life... and mine



It's gone! the glimmer of sun that held my
day together has lost it's battle... and dusk
was but a fleeting whisper.....
It's dark! a fresh chill envelops the
evening, and night takes command.
Night...deep and powerful, able to send a
mood, a dream, a passion...or just wrap you
in distress, with rain, wind or cold...it'll
never say, never ask, never tell... so you
longingly, lingeringly, desperately...for a
glimpse of the moon...
as a friend, confidant, or a reassuring
to keep you safe, til dawn states its case...
for tomorrow.
And tomorrow never comes...
but your love will.