Poeticity - feel the noize...

...The Ideas of March!   (38 poems)




A March Hare...


The March hare

doesn't care


the weather

is fair...

he'll leap and bound

above the ground

to entice you to his lair...

and with you trapped

he'll leave you enrapt

with his springtime frivolity...

then he'll love and leave

as you perceive

what it was with all that jollity!





Spring into Summer (kamikaze chicks)


Fresh shoots appear
sweet sounds abound
spring delivers
from below the ground
young voices are heard
from mammal and bird
and as the blackbirds choir
from the treetops on higher
the young in their nests
are becoming unrest...
feathers drying to expand
frustration gathers hand in hand
first flight nears
and without fear...
they leap
it's steep
so brave with no introspection
so eager, but no direction
they bash, crash, dash
with growing yearning
quickly learning
to fly, to soar, to sing
lending more beauty to bring
to all our lives...




 Puppet show?


I dangle, at whatever angle, you need
I dance, I jig, and tho' wooden, I bleed...
For freedom, for someone, to be undone
Release from puppeteering, would be cheering
To me
Cos you see
I'm no muppet, not a puppet
but a sole lonely jester
just with a lonely soul




ID Paranoia


Who are you?
who am I?
why do I try to be something
that I'm not, never will be
but you can't see
the hurt, the shame
just from a name
or can you?
But who are you?
I can't cope
have no hope
of being me
when I can't see
the true you...
so I hide
behind this weeks mask
my only task
to defend, pretend
fakery in make-up
imagery a shake-up
a perception of deception
but this lie
cannot deny
impurities in my insecurity
once or twice
I'd ask for advice
but which one of me inquires?
I'm full of hidden desires
remaining hidden, til bidden
to show...
but which of you answers?
I don't know...




Unrequited Love pt2


I asked before
and you ignored
I spilled my heart
right from the start
I said my piece
I offered peace
but the silence grew louder
my love crumbled to powder
in my heart you're still there
but you didn't care...
I exposed my soul
I played every role
I danced to your tune
I barked at the moon
I begged, I implored
I worshipped, adored
you still walked on by




Scuba Diving


Silent tranquility
through flowing lucidity
broken but surviving
the depths we are diving
through coral and reed
sand plains and screed
amongst the delights
of the underwater night
you breathe
I expire
deep breathing
you inspire
rhythmic undulations
sensory deprivation
tingling sensation
at wonderful sights
of delight
and awe
much more
as the heavenly visions of the sea floor
pass unseen as I look at you more
a diety in her realm
a mermaid in her land
undersea exploration
together, hand in hand...




Chicken Can't Fly...


I rush about the yard

And tho' I try so hard

I can't fly...

I flap my stubby wings

run round and round in rings

but why?

I can't get off the ground

from left to right I pound

til I sigh...

I really can't fly!






leads to vultures
of religious persuasion
myopic invasion
hatred and hurt
fascilitudes and hurt
and why?
when the cry for acceptance
is held in reluctance
and why?

because a fabled book says so
leading to aggravation and woe...
betide, the seas
of indoctrination
of a nation
without direction
split affection
leading to...
of reason
into frisson

and why?
when the blind lead the blind
when fake friendship grows unkind
temperature rises, no surprises
just the desire of ire
with no sentiment
leading to detriment
for all

you should be.....






The sun has gone

lost its battle with the gathering clouds

beaten into submission


until a single raindrop falls


and slowly descends

down the knape of my neck

a sizzling awakening


til invigoration turns to saturation

a cavalcade of bullets

reigning over me

washing away the beauty of the day

leaving damp memories

but a reminder of warmth too...






We all have a little stardust to shake

to share all the happiness we make

in visions, in story

through sadness and glory

a sparkle and shimmer can gleam

and raise life to a height never seen

and in the solitude of space

where there's peace, no rat-race

a moment to digest and ponder

what a little stardust can make fonder

in expression of encouragement

realisation of nourishment

feeding the heart

with wisdom to impart

and e'en a little joy

which nothing can destroy

as stardust is rare

but only without care

if you reach out deep and high

gain a lifetime supply

as long you are aware

with whom and when to share...






I look into your eyes, but you look away

The shyness in your smile seems to say

You're nervous...

And at that moment your cheek

twitches as though to seek

a hiding place

for your face

but I'm impervious ...

because the beauty is there to see

and the frisson wants to be set free

you worry that I'd scurry

you fret that I'd regret

you'd care if I stared

you feel impaired


that little tic unprepared

adds wonder to someone so fair

enhances the vision that I see

stood there so temptingly close to me...






A monument to the pharoah
stones hauled, slaves die
the thousands line up
a mission to try
built extravagance
looked at all askance
sheer might and power
under the pharoahs glower
heave, pull, in the desert sun
for the next phoenix
rising from a lost son
all life, all built, with gold
lost lives, too many, to be told
and as the sun sinks
the sphinx
does decree
a last ball of sweat
from each one of thee
with whips and chain
drum beaten refrain
you will not stop
til the stone reaches the top
all bow to your pharoah
for this earth given chance
to give your life
for his tomb to richly enhance...






A random poem for someone, somewhere

will they read it, will I care

what shall I write?

will they smile or bite

get angry or melt

full of friction or sat svelt

waiting for an answer

that never arrives

wishing to the stars

so high in the sky

silence in the distance

a roar in my ear

reaching from overseas

or sat very close near

a random encounter

with so few words

how many more of them

are yet to be heard

a subtle confession

or silent expression

abandoned and loveless

so close yet so far

this random poem is for whoever you are...






She whispers

slow down...

said with a smile

not a frown...

in anticipation

awaiting elation, sensation, elevation, frustration

I desist

from the bliss, with a kiss

for now...

for how long

can loves sweet song

be silenced?

longing, belonging


can it sate

with a single date to search and find

worries of hurt all left behind

loves pure touch, felt whilst blind

a tingle to mingle

all a quiver, a shiver

down your spine...

are you now mine?

or is it now too slow

only your heart will know.....






Never say goodbye
when we've never said Hi
never give up a dream
it could be closer than it seems

decisions in love are always there
finding the answer can bring despair
losing the chance, however unfair
leaving behind one who really cares

it doesn't have to be this way
we can still share life and things to say
a partnership can still exist
even though the right path has been picked

when two souls unite as one
the need for human touch cannot be undone
but to lose a friend from miles away
is not the thing to do today

you have love and family where you are
who give you things that I can't from afar
so that choice must be right in the end
remembering that love purely in words
I will always be here to send...





How can I forget
every word that has poured from your heart
the intensity and meaning
in each line you impart
that confession, the confusion
pure reality in illusion
driven and embedded deep
what could be could follow
though distance may seem hollow
but strength in conviction
from heartfelt depiction
does not mean the end...

words read, meanings sensed
for whoever dispensed
need inspiration, focal points
to bring forth conjoints
of imagery and perfection
therefore my selection
was nearly always you
unbelievable, but true
so from those written themes
you may take whatever you dream
and use it, infuse it
without impunity, aiming for unity
in heart and mind
rules undefined
but there, with open arms
fear of harm
dismissed and removed
love has been proved
in time, in space, in rhyme...

forever yours
whatever else happens
or whoever else implores
It's you I adore
and the synchronicity of feeling
makes it all the more appealing
and the appeal of silence
can never appeal
except in the pounding of your heart
aching with more, to impart
never ever forgotten.....


(10500 miles is but a footstep in lifes search)






Sat here in bed
unwell, alone, passion unfed
changing a letter, swapping a word
when all I really need
is for my love to be heard...

what to write? who to please
damn! another sneeze
a cough to follow
self pity so hollow
need cheering, need soothing
need loving, sweet forsoothing

but the days emptiness will pass
dreams never found at the bottom of a glass
look to the future, relish the past
grab life and what it offers
who knows how long it may last
be strong, even obtuse
ignore any abuse
if something's sparked a fire
then follow that desire...




 IS THAT IT?.....

I tantalised, you teased
you fell to your knees
inhibitions cast aside
mouth open wide
ready to accept
something to savour
hard and hot
full of flavour
I feed it to you
inch by inch
because of it's size
it's not a cinch
but you take it
lips do surround
deeper and deeper
passions abound
you beg, I implore
you're still wanting more
so as I take heed
you then take the seed
from top to bottom you lick... 


...the mayo from the french-stick!

and it must be said
you've been willing
to enjoy the bread
and the filling.....!

lol! x  (still hungry?)





A pleasure undefined
necessity unrefined
cool vapours, satisfaction
every draw an interraction
mind calming, thought enhancing
action balming, imagination dancing
feeding the need
relaxation at speed
sensory delight, day or night
a gasp, a puff, a drag
the rasp, the rough, the shag
get off my back
even if I hack
but then everyone has a tickle
no surprise with air so fickle
all filled with fumes
we all inhale and exhume
so a little puff, is enough
for me
so let me be...





DISTANT DREAMS (or a nightmare?) 


I awaken, shaken by your words
not heard
but sensed, in any sense
in a dream
was it what it seemed?
I don't know
worries grow, was it for real?
I definitely did feel
those intimate intimations
under the covers, uncovered sensations
of losing you...
is it true, was it you?
say it wasn't so
say it so that I know
in thoughts in my head
laid, unlaid in my bed
so curt, it hurts
needing resolution from confusion
action and relaxation
but the pressure, as ever
never said never say never
whatever you mean
I can't gleam
from these images of worry
flashed past in a hurry
I scurry, to ask you
if you knew
what you meant, when you sent
subliminal confessions
unexpected expressions
of not wanting, nor waiting
desperation needs sateing
our love but a token?
surely not broken
the peace in pieces apace
the fraction or friction in your face
where went the smile?
lasted so long a while
where went the feeling?
from floor to ceiling
where went the heart?
beats twinned from the start
before you go
let me know... 





may I proffer my umbrella?
It may not rain
may seem insane
even a little profane
but it offers, true sanctuary,
from the pain...
You've felt within
the eye of a pin
may still needle...
but a fray, afraid, needs to weedle
sew? so, stitch it
everyone has an itch,
so scratch it
don't just patch it
release and pleasure
through personal leisure
a scrape, a rub, a scrawl
with fingertips splayed over all
all encompassing cover
from a lost lover
under the sheath, beneath
hiding, whilst deriding
what once was there
now so unfair...
unleash, unsheath, undone
unhappy? then find a new one
maybe closer than a setting sun
so under that umbrella
could be, a new fella
and that new sun-shade
could be the one for whom you're made...






 A Fresh Perspective...(for everyone)


We all ride the tides of indecision

myopic in a single vision

insecurity inside

the waves we ride

flattened by everyday ways

becalmed, afraid what to say

our own visage so tight

unable to let in the light

of an opening, even re-opening

of the window

that would truly deeply show

see clarity in reality

sagacity above morality

opacity through totality

of belief in ones self

taken back off of the high shelf

where we left it...

deridden so hidden

unwanted, unbidden


at what cost?

to our own being, never all-seeing

but buried, untrusting and sad...

so shout!

let it out

rediscover the true you

regather friendships anew

strength in adversity

love through honesty

peace at one with thee


the fresh air, remove all despair

with scented senses assaulted

hurdles easily vaulted

leap for freedom, live for fun

be somebody, be your one

escape from the rape and defilement

of introspection, unnecessary silence

remember when you knew, who you were

revitalise those feelings to stir

be selective, be elective

never again, without perspective

flourish and grow

as only you know...?








We are all lost souls

in our own reality

and comfort seems a distant hand

where to touch a heart is disparate

from the moment...

finding the way

knowing what and when

to say

to reach out and touch

all that we need so much

and in the solitude of the moment

is the time...

to recollect and resolve, to be bold

to gather, grasp and behold

all that is proffered untold

but intimated behind a shy veil

of innocence, in a sense

hidden behind words that are meant to be said

covered in the words that we simply read

look behind the lines and find

the heart the beats

in time... with your own ...

implicity in simplicity

so obvious but never seen

a deleted scene from the film of life

therefore, I implore

pick it up from the cutting floor

relive the drama, find karma, find the one...







Age is but a number

feel the way you feel

cos you is you


The past hurt only grows number

appeal to the now is real

cos it is true


Time is only lost, when the cost is reviewed

Life is only lost, when the total is accrued

The moment can be found, profound, when you take it

The future, is there to suit you, if you make it


Looking good? We all could

but for whose eyes?

We can dress, paint or fantasise

Embellish, retract or moisturise

Undo, lock away

Scared of what some may say

But in the end

It all depends

How much you want it...


When you've decided what 'it' is, or should be

grasp what it is, or could ever be

don't fret, later  regret

just go get! 






A NEW BEGINNING...Starting Over



Don't look back...

what is past is in the past

and now at last

the future beckons

So many memories gone before

now just scattered across the floor

what's gone in tatters

it doesn't matter...

freedom calls

to escape those walls

opportunity knocks - come in please!

from off the rocks to the silent shore

you've always known that there must be more

but finding the direction, knowing the way

is easier than shutting up to stay

that first step may have been harder than the rest

but now the choices open up for the best

and tho' nerves will play a part

your head now leads, to follow your heart

against the tide, the pull of the moon

freshening breeze to carry you there soon

dancing stars to guide you right

follow the heavens through silken moonlight

watch the new dawn  with awed delight

and then place that first footprint on the shore

leading you to so much more

and as the waves follow up the shore

yesterdays imprints are there no more

the only way ahead means being strong

make that decision, it won't be wrong

later you'll wonder why you waited so long to fly

it just needed a visionary moment to come by

was then you realised all that you lack

take it now...don't look back








Lie back

and feel my fingers

relieving stress

that ever lingers

soothing sensations, bringing elations

and calm...

with a warm scented balm

across your skin

felt deep within

sweet caresses to your soul

in moments, as a whole



feel alive...! 






remember when you were young

the sun shone daily

everything was fun

you played gaily

girls and boys

everybody's toys

happiness and joy

playing as a ploy...


to that first kiss

face turned, nearly missed



heart a flutter

hands like butter

a single tingle

jingling from within...


you laughed, you cried

what happened, you denied

but in that instant, an instance

momentary closeness, immediate distance


then you brought me sweets

more than we both could eat

we went to the matinee

sat apart, shyness, not knowing what to say

stiff,  but eyes left and right

to see who, you might know by sight

desperately needing

another quick kiss, so pleading

but afraid to say

a game to play

we went our own way.....


until confidence grew

I knew it was you

that I liked!...Lots!...but hey!

I'm still yours, together,  to this day.................








There are creases and crimples

folds and dimples

but hands in the dark

can follow the stretchmarks...

trailing the passage

from a tickle to a massage

winding along lines

outlines defined

hollows and shallows

soft, laying fallow

enticed, in spice

increases desire

in creases the fire

seeking out curves with verve

tracing the skin, within



magneticism of my vision

no polar division

just peaks to climb, softly sublime

surrounded, abounded, confounded, yet found

from silken hills,  to deep warmth all around

spacious, curvacious and welcoming true

hands all over,  every inch of you.....?







You itch to stitch

are incomplete without a pleat

and a pelmet

is not well met

unless the folds

embolden to behold...

so gather and sew

each drop as you go

rusche and frill

drapery skills

swags and sags

scripts and scrolls

painting a picture

for hanging a frame

a carpetted window block

ne'er two the same

and so when you are certain...

please remember to draw the curtains!







A single sound

to astound

from solitary visions..

beauty within that swings

like the call of the blackbird

begging to be heard

lifting, joyous and serene

vibrant, exultant of a dream

from the instrument of voice

or man-made of choice

plucking strings, hammering keys

deep in truth and integrity

so solo, high or low

intensities that grow

and fall, at the call

of the writer... 

fast fingers to linger

over heavenly notes, the singer

entrances to draw you in

songs of the siren from deep within

acoustic revelations

filling with tingling sensation

aural delectation  from oral selectation

infancy, in fantasy

inventivity and intuitivity

clarity and proclivity

rampant productivity

from simple tunes so still

to orchestral freewill

with harmonies to encapsulate

all the wonder  to it relates

for each one of us so

from a single virtuoso...







As the kingfisher waits

it's brethren to sate

perched and peeking

towards feasts a-seeking

looking forward, looking back

what is it now that we lack?


Were the summers longer

did the sunlight stream

through our eyes everyday

or was that how it seemed?

Was warmth ever present

friendships lasting, effervescent

did long shadows fall

as the blackbird did call


With songs from our memories

sweet etudes from our heart

swooping and carousing

never to part

enveloping the envelope

in which we were all wrapped

with tales of past happiness

leaving us totally fired and rapt

with feelings, sensations, of days now long lost

wishing for the halcyon days

to return, whate'er the cost 


but the wait is worthwhile

as all that we seek

is delivered with eloquence

from lips to cheek

and the kingfisher wins

it's aim from the start

to fulfil the hunger

of the family to start

and so another eon

has been created

more halcyon days

are there to be sated...







Shh! be quiet, just whisper...

actions rather than words can be crisper

a touch never too much

a feeling so real

with two ladies by my side

is it real? what a deal! surreal...

I feel...

pleasures undefined

temptations in mind

desires returned in kind

but then...

love is blind!

Hunger needs sateing

thirst non-abating

rhythmic undulations

stereophonic sensations

One Hand - to hold?

Two Hands - to hug?

The Third Hand - one too few?

Now Four Hands?

I must be in  xanadu!

A realm of expectancy

a world of pleasure

combined sensuality

enjoyed at leisure

coming together

as one...so much fun...three as one!

Teach me and learn

ignite me and burn


sense the sensations

pulmonary elations

beating, pounding

all enveloped surrounding

taste, flavour, savour

sense, scents, I crave more! 

And now it's your turn...









 1. A prelude to a due...


May I have this dance?

and lead a merry whirl

through sensuous timesteps

with passion to unfurl

slow, slow, quick, quick, slow

the rhythm of love is to go with the flow

adagio, dulcissimo

intimo, libero

from subtle expression

to a crescendo of confession

lucidity in liquidity

the end undefined

sinuous sensitivity

with each beat in time

enwrapped in arms

enraptured in each other

enveloped in sin

captured and covered...



 2. Toccare appassionato


As as the heat rises

imagination to the fore

increased variations

subtleties and more

dance with your fingers

linger with your tongue

carouse to arousal

two become one

in volume and vibration

increasing sensation

accelerando con brio

allegretto con calore

time in time

leaving you wanting more

a step to  the left

a swing to the right

complete connectivity

performed to delight



 3. Finale...


Learning and lessons

become unending sessions

a waltz to a rumba

jive to lambada

emotions at full height

sensory delight

head and heart all a spin

all created within

fermata, fuocoso

passion still flows

pride to discover

as one with a lover

in a sensual dance...







Your fingers dance

as though in a trance

across the keys

caressing the ivories

as one...


simplistic etudes

creating the moods

a tilt at the light

full of frivolous delight

or a darker passage

with senses to massage

soothing the sins, from within...


delicacy, intricacy

felicitous ingenuity

delicious in perpetuity

subtle emotions from growing devotion

natural progression from sky to the ocean

swirling like a temperate storm

temperature rising way above the norm

liquid waves and cravings from oceans deep

fluid exasperation from emotions we seek

tantalising, scintillating, all a quiver, a quaver

satisfyingly titillating, all a shiver, to savour...







Got to go shopping

but my heads hurts

need to buy stockings

and skimpy skirts

but the pounding

is resounding

from temple to neck

but i must buy some lippy

oh what the heck!

I'll drag myself there

and see how it feels

feeling light headed

on these stiletto heels

push-up bras go so far

gotta flounce the bounce

but all that movement

is a ton not an ounce

on my poor head

boom banging away

i think I'll leave shopping

for another day

go home, put feet up

relax on the bed

he'll have to make do

with my p.j's instead!

lol x 







The bees and the birds

rhythmic winging, spring-a-singing

natural songs to be heard

filling your garden with delight

from dawn to twilight

a hooting, a humming

vibrancy drumming

from the buzz of industry

to solos, seemingly, just for me

a blackbird sits at the peak of a fir

waiting for replies to vibrantly stir

a mate, a lover, a friend from afar

eloquent etudes, clarity unbarred

tempting it's mate to join in the call

sweet sililoquy, heard by us all

and in the silence between messages

there be rustling in sprouting hedges

as then unity prevails

whilst the honey bee sails

past in a dither

seeking pollen here and hither

as the queen awaits

to be ever sate...







You'll never be a gooseberry

all the time that you've a friend like me

and tho' that may sound simplicity

we are all friends in poeticity

a freshness, a start

full of passion and art

with all that it imparts

from each of our hearts

never to sever

whatever the weather

to each other, forever

we are always together...


now, strawberries and cream...that's something else!







Splash! a naked dash

to the waterside

Thrill! to the chill

deep down inside...


Pure freedom in unadultered waters

tingling sensations doing what you shouldn't oughta

sole reflectancy, soul expectancy

brought to life in liquid ecstasy

the flow that surrounds

each goosebump abounds

wrinkling or erect

profoundly different effects

affects an inkling to protect

lest anyone detect

naked purity

visible insecurity...


but as two?

hidden from view

forbidden fruits grew

in the warming tide

proud and ready to ride

breathless, weightless

ready to sate then rest

before the moment of lucidity

deepening fluidity

warmth fills

in the swills

of the tidal flow, as passions grow

creating ripples ever wide

more powerful than the tide

in deep, out of breath

in depth, heat does creep

to encompass the fathoms

and swathe through the leagues

before twin- tidal power

leads to fatigue

then rest


wondrously distressed

warmth still flows, still undressed... 


then an onshore embrace

kiss the moisture from your face

held in my arms