Poeticity - feel the noize...

Daft-idylls and May-Dazed...!



Spring meadowsweet with lambs newborn
unstable cadenzas of foxtrot forlorn
yearning and learning to freedom expressed
greenswards applauding first found steps...

from instability to ability to frolic in fun
with youthful virility under gentle sun
leaping and loving in innocent freewill
amid corncockle and buttercup overspill...

sweet dew felt below skipping feet
a dawn sojourn to land fresh complete
Oh! to be free to jump with such joy
with such elan that no-one could destroy...

and if the innocence of this life appeals
then I for one, would love to jig and reel
and frolic and skip and jump and caress
with one I love, in green fields so blessed !





Can you smell the leather?
cherry red, all-a-gleam...
it's waiting for you together
with an upright seam!
I'll bowl this ripe cherry to you
pitched to climb towards your face
bouncing towards your grill hidden lips
so to duck would be no disgrace...
you may be brave with gloved hands
you could even thick edge snick it
but I guarantee, you'll barely see
this ball that takes your wicket!



this purple prose may tempt derision
but soully exists as my purple vision
deeply felt from deep crimson within
cooled by hues of blue sultry sin
a palette of my palate finely mixed
royally dressed in words thus far unfixed
such full fulfilment of spirit and mind
much creative eccentricity barely defined
when the might of words are evoked in pride
tis but the place where red and blue collide 





A still evening infused with twilight silent
crimson sky emblazoned with setting sun
falling below any horizoned north island
now peace falls afore the atmospheric fun...

silence is but an energy
violent skies the current emnity
slowly is the glowing, falling to ground
then comes the display, so profound...

at still, idyll, palette does spill
mixed energies of fret synergy filled
clouded exhuberance in cloudless dusk
powdered infusion, an aboundless musk...

feel the firefly jigging in the heavens
reel no denial sipping stepping to a leven
from haught display to fraught array
coloured explosion with such a brief stay
merry dancers in this fox's fire
aquerry enhanced by unlocked desire
each bite of flavour, each magus spell
reaches to savour this dance from hell...

and with this dance heaven scent
I kiss you with passion not yet spent...
be my fox in this skip-a-merry dance of joy
fire my desire with fervant lust to employ
as the sky rampages without and within
we'd fly the borealis aurora, in total sin!






Orphaned and yet now bereaved
she still freshly sews and weaves...

In humble forest abode
through sunlit leaves a glowing
this beauteous waif strives
for a living with simple sewing...

her spindle turns
as she yearns
for seek'th the love of her life
the shuttle wrings
as she sings
for a lover, she'll be his wife...

with flax and silk
her skills do milk
the admiration of all
yet she ponders
as in the forest she wanders
when will my prince call?

and if by chance
the Kings' son doth elance
alone at her humble dwelling...
briefly sees her weaving skills
then leaves without buying such frills
but her heart is left-a-swelling...

her spindle goeth see
if her love will come back to see
then her shuttle carpets a web of truth...
a long lilified silken thred is sent
with rose heartfelt love to be spent
and follows her prince forsooth!

and as she waits
for her heart to elate
her needle redesigns her home...
with silken screens
and soft carpetted dreams
the prince returns from his roam...

and from the moment of this re-meet
sewed love becomes oh so complete
and for ever her spindle will turn
for the one she loves and ever yearns...




Let us ride...
from craggy creek to the peak we seek
hand in hand we can glide
on this un-ending cable car ride...

hold me close, yet closer still
still clouds are forming to overspill
our chariot ride to the heavens above
encased in cumulative cumulus love
wrapped in cotton-wool so sensually soothing
rapt in gotten swoons, climbing and moving
til we peak at the peak of desire
night sky above, stars on fire...

clouds now dispersed by the heat of passion
wisps now averse to complete loves fashion
so they leave us alone to our lust undenied
of love now shared with cloudless sky
and heavens open in heavenly devide
we slowly kiss, on this, our sky joy-ride!




From a muckle to a chuckle
from a frown to your effervescent smile
with a grin full of energised ambiant sin
to tickling all your ever wanton wiles...

are you ticklish?
if so where are your hot-spots?
be it finger or feather
my aim is to give you the hots!

but even if it's not in fruitful passion
I like to raise a radiant smile
so to tickle your teasing fancy
would be well worth my while!

do you laugh with lifes lust?
and blush with too loud a bloom?
do you crave a rave to trust?
to envelop in a passioned room?

and in the sentient sensual darkness
where touch is the whole bared by starkness
would you writhe and rhythmically wriggle
or would my touch svelt make you giggle? 




There was a flea...
it freely landed on me...
so with a scratch of such vibrant vim
I fully explained, inclined to him...

Go Away!

So off he went, now mutually banned
and on a caterpillar he did fruitfully land
but twas immediately confused
so now he had to join the queues
for a leg, to beg for, and bite
to infuse his lust for a bit of delight...

He hung on through half a day and full night
and when the moment seemed so right
waited his turn, to blood suck and yearn...

But now once matched and tightly attached
sadly, his longing was quickly despatched
by the kick from the other 29 legs in turn!

So the moral of this tale
Is bite too much and you'll fail
for the caterpillar will win
and escape from his slippery skin
to become, and this you can't ever deny
a graceful, so beautiful
gentle-winged, spring butterfly... 



 If a singular cloud is overhead
wander away or wonder pray, what tis said?
for it may rain on your sole everglade
or it's just there to reign on alls parade
and cover the strife from ones extant life
be it your muse or lover or just your wife
and e'en this cloud cannot take away
that escapism moment, just to make hay
to frolic 'tween the lambs on high green
in solitude, bar those passionate screams
laid on sweet-dewed morninged grass creased
a meadow infused with hinged lust to please
flattened blades squashed in pleasure
scattered praise now quashed at leisure
lain in heat entwined in moist green nest
harvest combined with rampant rare seen zest
and as the moist clouds finally let fall
our ripened fruits are displayed to all!




Can you savour the aroma
of freshbaked, hot moist cake?
single portions apportioned
each, personally baked...

with fluffed cups
proudly proffered
and creamed topping
meltingly offered
then solidified to ice
with crested proud teasing peak
of a proud jellied temptation
that my lips ravenously seek...

I do love your succulent jelly tops
pure sugared tongue long lusted stops
wanton to suck on and enjoy
wanting before I employ
my tongue and teeth elsewhere
with butterfly cakes, to share
those fruity peaks do entice
to savour the cravings of sweet spice
and as the flavour lingeringly excites
it's time for baking some more delights... 



You are wearing laced stockings
and lace frilled knickers and bra
but it's what's underneath them
that is thrilling my hands to wander far...

It's not that the underwear is plain
it is so very sensual and exciting
but the woman underneath is seemingly hot
and is now, nearly bare and enticing...

the lace may encase the fruits
and succulence is what I seek
so strip away these lacey plays
and let me take more than a peek...!


 LACE 2...?

let me lay you upon
as you're dressed in lace apron
on your laced edged tablecloth...
you may flutter your lace handkerchief
as I amaze you with sinful relief
and subtle lust replaces your wrath...
and if the love-laced thrill
doth flow and overspill
don't wipe it away with laced collar or cuff
for the magic-moments you've faced
encapsulated in pure lace
are just more enjoyable in the buff!!!





Is this the world that we created?
only fulfilled by destruction and killing
where only monied fools are sated
and power is the only drink for swilling?

Where life is accepted to be freely waste
when anger is spent without result
when the powers that be are never chaste
and conformity becomes the cult...

It's said anger is an energy
but too much of it is wasted
there's no unity or synergy
and too much pap is pasted...
This world is further divided
in splits of religion and political parties
and any common-sense is derided
as thoughtlessness against the illuminati...

And the common man is afraid to stand
against the breastfed norm
when what this world needs, is to feed
this calm before the storm.

For when this tumult fully erupts
and the 'management' calls a meeting
to decide the future of human-kind in 'cups'
sip this lifeblood lost, forever fleeting...
As the anger effused, becomes confused
and true humanity tries to evail
the truth of the matter, is the mad hatters
evil will always, without hope, prevail.....




from long lingered wishes to wanton bliss
oh how I wish that 'tis you I could kiss...

many years have now rushingly past
our hearts and minds became one everlast
always gushingly from afar
yet the door is still ajar...

Go take the handle and pull
(I imagine your lips so full...)
So take this hand of mine
(pull me close, our love combined...)

Invoking the moment that has never been
emoting the silent kiss from silvered screen
open our door, I here beg and implore
for the simplicity of lip-synched amore

I want you for me
I know it'll never be
(yet something tells me otherwise...?)
(yet one thing cannot be denied...)
.....we have love.....

It may not be in the close-natural way
we may not see or face to face say
but there still remains such mutual minds
who unaccountably - are forever entwined
thru many a tale in rhyme since spent
and a love of rhythm that'll never relent
and when words are randomly received
and sentiments intensely perceived
we know...

so as for the long lost kiss still expected?
'twill remain but ready to be collected!

A long lost kiss, still to be used...
Awaiting to share with my one muse...



A Birds Eye View From A Squirrel's Nest!

I'm sat here high up in my drey
the forest floor seems so far away
the nuts have fallen, rich food is calling
yet high above a storm is squalling
but I daren't leave home just yet
cos I hate it when my tail gets wet!
but if I don't, and I surely wont
scramble down to the harvest below
my nuts will get stolen
some others gut will be swollen
and my stash will be empty, oh no!
so I quickly peek, dry route to seek
from here to harvest floor
I flit, twist and zip
missing almost every drip
until I can gather no more!
my drey is now full, and so is my belly
the rest of my stash
hid in an old smelly welly
but the nuts are dry
and now so am I
so I'll just nestle back down
and watch the rest of the world drown
just keeping a wide open eye
for those pesky thieving magpies! 




I open the door for you again
give you my coat in the pouring rain
I help little old dears
cross the road without fear
without a thank you and without gain...

I pick up litter and bottles smashed
left by lager-louts out on the lash
put my cig-ends in the bins provided
ask others to do the same, get derided
trying to help clean up this chav-led land
littered with ignorant people
who don't care or want to understand...

I try to help run a willing team
who despair at keeping this once great city
then the 'social misusers' are let out to
the laws won't stop them from vandalising or
so every little deed we try to put in place
is shoved right back, in our face!

And any gratitude ends in ifs and buts
it's going to get worse with government cuts
and the day will soon come
when on the street, it's me that pleads
for cover from the rain, or a pound or two
as every little deed still has needs.....

penny for your thoughts?
ten pounds for the guy! 




you see the love in their innocent eyes
so you cuddle them when they need to cry
and each tear pulls at all the heartstrings
of confusion and many more untold things
the only way to be able to really tell
the pain in their face when they're unwell
needing comfort, needing assurance and love
wanting to escape any pain from above
silent messages encapsulated in their face
tearful drama enacted in naivity of solace..

'hold me tight, please'
'keep me safe then release'
'but do not disappear'
for inside is still my unknown fear
so precious is that child
needing protection from this world so wild..

give them love and hope and laughter
maintain that love, for ever after
never neglect as childhood grows
into a young adult, ready to implode
with ideaology from many a preacher
let them know, that honesty is a teacher
share the experiences, good and bad
lift them higher if they feel sad
guide them with that helping hand
towards maturity of life to expand
warding off insecurities with love to spare
no hoarding of secrets, just freely share
and all your worldly wisdom
remember never forget to listen
to your or anyones - so precious child... 




Ah, sweet peace, as the silence resonates
around my idyll, I will, enjoy this freedom
from the rushes and crashes, firecracker
ashes, that abound and surround every moment
in life...
In solitude I now rest, blessed in the
sanctuary of heaven sent calm, becalmed by
the nothingness of cooling balm,my own
ambrosia so sweet, this solitary visage
Alone yet in touch, as such, separated and
enervated by calmed expression, led gently to
personal confession, happy within - with or
without sin...
Colours flit in waves before me,
kalaedoscopic visions of soothing peace,
mixing twixt blurred edges far removing,
sense and sensibility, fully released...
Charmed yet becalmed in my own oasis
fully fed and watered, shaded from heat
memories strolling through canopied cover
single thoughts of a singular lover?
Now my mind is undressed and still, full yet
oblivious to others will, no wil'o'the wisp
passing moment in time, this time precurses
the time you'll be mine!
So when that moment of two becomes one,
we'll still be in solitude under crimson setting sun......... 






So there you sit... 
deliberating and enervating over every thought 
of mine, whether silly or supine... 
laying down as the rules are being laid down 
studying and muddying towards a simple frown 
a teasing grin, so full of sin 
shadowed on my shoulder hallowed yet bolder 
warmth of your touch, chilling me colder 
goosebumps, hairs raised, cloud to appraise 
as the shadow shifts, and swiftly changes 
and your darkness envelops and fully ranges 
across my skin, crossed my every sin 
I now beg, bow down at your legs 
remove this cast at last 
that covers my every repast 
be gone, begorrah, begat 
release from each darkened spat 
thus I spit you out, weighted and sated 
shadowed shoulders, lightened, now without 
as freedom of mind and souls rejoice  
never to hear again the sanguine dark voice..






Imagine, the image, of shared bathing 
Two souls, enfolded, in mutual swathing 
bubbles espoused, cuddles aroused 
is this what you are really craving? 

Fragrant oils in heated timbroils 
scented effervescence in such sensual coils 
swirls in the foam, as hands do roam 
we'd rather be creating a flumesceant lather 
go farther such scintillating a lava... 

Volcano erupts, intensity seemingly corrupt 
hand on hand to lust fully cupped 
as I hold you, as I holed you...! 

Fulfilled and filled midst steamy vision 
rampant sensuality 'tween hot indecision 
sated yet abated in these moments of zest 
rated, yet elated, proudly spent yet blessed 
'til the bubbles are spent then burst 
overflowing cuddles, sent to you first 
wrapped in the rapture of bathing oils 
rapt with the adventure of raving spoils... 
this spent hour in oil-hated fashion 
you deflowered, in complete passion? 

So as the scented bubbles burst 
and the tidal swirls slow 
I leave you all-a-flush and cursed 
with an eternally clean vibrant glow...!






From the gilt edged hillslope 
to the dew dampened dell 
I seek more than nature's beauty 
of this island, so sweet, so swell... 

I roam deep in the meadows 
of green-swarded delight 
I stand in the shadows 
of the sun and moonlight 
tracing the path, just an aftermath 
pacing with wrath, musted mind, thoughts
collected reflections in shimmering lakes 
expected selection of simmering breaks 
the dawn arisen with scent infused vision 
forlorn frisson, soul spent free inhibitions 

then I spy you... 
lain, yet unslain in the corner afar 
perspiration falling, musky and scarred 
with the lust unspent, the need to relent 
and release with freedom of desire 
seeking the heat of lust inspired 

In my arms, in this dewy idyll 
we frolic, with so much love to spill 
and from our corner, seemingly afar 
we open the doors, last left just ajar 
in hope, in need, in passion extreme 
for our creed extant, no longer repentant 
we stoke the fires of our dreams... 







Feline beauty in saline study of speed 
stealth so encrypted over the solid peaks
undersea mountains eclipsed by silver grey streaks 
wonder with me as the shark meets and greets 
wander behind as he seeks savoury treats 

follow this blue flash in the evernight waves 
it swallows fully each creature it craves 
whether over sanded bed or spike ridden cove 
these streamlined saline assailants do rove 
just to feed at the bleed from natures nest 
and when sated they then gently rest 
all at peace with the undersea world 
tail and fins so sharply, finely unfurled 
and as the waters caress their gills 
this gentle shark rests having had its fill 
beneath the shadows of deep sea tor 
crags and caves to hide in and explore 
the sharks may be the hunter supreme 
but fluid beauty is gentler than it seems 
to grace the race of tidal flow 
with equine elasticity for those in the know 
the most exquisite creature of the oceans 
perhaps evil expression but friendly devotion 
power and strength but chillingly stark 
in water the master of waters warm or dark 
don't cast your net with derision 
just respect this undersea vision 
the silent assassin of the seas 
more gentle than you or me?






I'll ever write my pomes 
coz I can! 
full of lust for life 
never wan! 
I'll always be here for you 
hope I rarely bore you 
coz I can! 

If life was so structured 
I never have the chance to f..k ya 
and if I could 
I would... 
(be my fan, enjoy the elan...) 

If the sun refused to shine (thanks Planty!) 
I would still be loving you (not my auntie!) 
Mountains crumble to the sea (avalanche!!!) 
There'd still be you and me (don't blush nor blanche!) 

because I can, then I'm your man 
to twist reality to ones own needs 
to plant seedlings from home plucked seeds 
effervescent growth of an idyll 
ever the froth from ale to spill 
ailed yet now hearty, so let's just party 
and for the slow dance, cometh sweet romance 
coz you can! 

Open the can of your desire 
together we'll flame that rampant fire 
and as the metal creases, melts and burns 
our own wishes flourish with so many yearns 
with wil it will become the final coming 
coz we can, so we'll ne'er be slummin' 
out in this title-bout with intimacy unfurled 
no doubts, just points victories, in this boxed-in world... 
because... we can! 



I delve into the darkness that the new year brings

I drown in obscurity as the flooded abyss sings

This hollow hallows with deepened breathing

I swim 'tween heated fury and acquiescent seething

please set me free....



So here I am once more?

Laid open to layered opinion

lost but found in my fair derision

hidden but found

silently profound

obvious and oblivious to all

from stillness to pelting squall...

Rain on me, reign with me to the arreign

for falling in the affray

be it sooner or later delay

in platitudes of self felt pain



insanity proving that losing can be freed

calamity soothing a proving for need

a wanton wish for losing these chains

to feel the life that still remains.....


Please follow.....



thank You