Poeticity - feel the noize...

juicyjuly... here be the fruits of my labours, fresh, fragrant and tasty!




Why...? Who...? When...? Where...? What...? 
queries of a series be they serious or not
such inquisitivity demands many answers
tho' the answer may not be always there
a proclivity to evoke ones mind dancers
lends imagination to the query shared...

and so interraction is mutually inclusive
then subtle suggestion may not be abusive
and reading the writings of others is fine
ignorance is the acceptance of soul decline.
So let the mind take the asking role
and let the replies become tasking goals

and with every word that is written here
welcome debate, offer smiles or cheer
and if it all needs is a word of advice
give it freely, as correspondence rather than
silence is so very nice!




 A visit from a vampyre...

Mists rove across desolate fields
the air filled with vibrant electricity
the moonlight lost behind whispered cloud
shadows lost in solitude and selectivity...

wildly you roam, chill sweat to your brow
the heavy breath extant is solely your own
rolling images of self-imagined fear
for this feeling that is not alone...

as sombre clouds disperse unrefined appearing
across the hilltop profiled stark
a carriaged horse rattles on behind
glimpsed through distant lightning
and emblazoning the dark...

you stop, but heart-beats pound on
frozen in the moment of approach
stilled by the frisson fine
of the now silent coach...

the horse all a saliver
the carriage with no driver
invites you closer to see...
and without sense or fear
you draw closer near
you raise your arms out to reach...
the casket inside
has now opened wide
and a deep voice now to you doth beseech...

come hither and bless
let me caress
your heart and soul and mind
and you find you cannot speak
so you mesmirically follow so meek
the voice, so deep and kind...

and the myst now engulfs you
wraps its firm arms to surround you
and you are taken totally within...
you feel chilled rakish breathing
on your pure neck, now bequeathing
your lifeblood, your soul, to his sin...

and has his lust grows
and your blood eagerly flows
lit by natures resources...
you give yourself complete
blood tasting so sweet
and conjoin as one in dark forces...





Animals Magnetism...the big 5 !

Lionine, laid supine
resting after a feast
power and presence
male maned effervescence
thus is, the mighty beast...

Elephantine in celebration
footsteps pound across the nation
familial company in ivorine display
truncated belligerence one mind one way
always held high in our admiration...

water buffalo everywhere
power displayed as hoards to care
respledant in framed hoary tooth
fiery ebullience hence fights aloof
anger in beauty, fought full but fair...

horned indulgence in scaled skin
bulked convulgence of ways to win
fly swatting, anger snorting
the gently plenty a cohorting
rhino so divine, oh charged from within...

Leopard laying in wait to sate
hunger envisaged so silent, too late
dear caught, then slaughtered thus a feast
elegance so spotted in such a hot beast
taxed then relaxed, a feline so great... 






nevermind dvt, I've been bitten by many a flea!

I only swatted ten of the mites, with a little humour and much delight

from 'splat flea one is finally done' to 'splat flea nine, now laid supine'

and 'splat flea four is no more' to 'splat flea eight is now a flea -late'!

but obviously it was too harsh and so very amiss

apparently a site rule was broken with this

so suspended I later found I'd become

for five minutes flea swatting in sense of fun

thus my flea bites linger and still burn

so now I await the decree to return

fully absolved of any flea-ridden crime

but hey! they've gone, with nowhere left to dine!



 Unrequited Love.....for kathy ( sorry for the delay....)


We could never, be together forever

no matter how our minds became clever

distant thoughts from distant places

far away from ones mind that now races...

could it have been? we never tried

would it have been a soaring glide?

together enrapt in rapture o'er the skies

soaring to glory in futile asides



twas never meant, never heaven sent

mind lust ever spent, forever did we relent

til it was too late, key lost to the gate

to open the way to our hearts...


so now, in memories of times that never existed

thoughts becoming with no bitterness...but still twisted

was it reality or just the finality

of knowing...


or not knowing the unknown



we were scared...

to hurt one another from the start

even though the blood fused in our hearts

but the idea of failing, of stormy rocks whilst sailing

left us cast adrift, no reason for a rift

tho' it appeared

and that love unrequited, disappeared...






 Lucid Fluidity...


I awake, aware but distant
lost in last nights muse
a painted perfect vision
of beauty I couldn't refuse...
she danced 'tween still perfection
as I waved stiffened peaks of oil
canvassing a rich memory
of reality before me unspoilt...
each movement sensuous but becalmed
heat rising as impasto in perfection
is laid in strokes of passion
nature nurturing oiled selection...
now as I return to the now
there is but proof in lucidity
my muse is now mine forever
captured in glorious fluidity...




 Silent Opacity...

Silence lingered as your fingers
inflect joyous pain then depart
you have grazed me, now erased me
from the lifeblood of your heart
I will kiss you as I miss you
and those moments of fragrant unity
but now we know it was never forever
so I wish you happiness without impunity...
a brief encounter that ended in fate
we came together in a moment unexpected
a fitting sitting for lives desolate
joined in laughter then love was perfected
and for a time we combined in rhyme
and our world gleamed in jewelled opacity
but twas never meant, however heaven sent
love was there, but never dual sagacity...





A Gust Of Wind...


Morning stillness...

blessed with silent dawn

a new beginning

calm before the storm?

tranquility sanguine in sea green solemnity

early freshness of untainted morn

dew-drops glisten on budding emnities

from bud to petal to floridity new born...

a single beam of sunlight arises

rapacious in capacious new light

encompassing all poles in solar diversity

colours replendent in fragrant delight...

spiders drunk on emptied blue-bottles 

in linked spun webs from stem to bloom

silence shattered by shattered shells

as frogs hunt the snails to consume...



a whisper of a wind calls upon the listening

rippling leaves as it leaves belief

a building crescendo of crisp rustling shivers

descends amongst the eclipse of the trees

by clouded skies filled with foreboding

as the storm gathers pace from afar

the whisper evolves into whistling anger

as wind and rain start to spar...

their internal fight spreads out of the ring

and savages through the idyll

battering blooms and silken connections

angry clouds throw heavy overspill

torrents of water drown the illusion

gusts make bust of the sculptured vision

flattened and fallowed, laid in confusion

nature's beauty beaten by nature's derision



the calm appears, the land is watered and fed

and new life will rise from those that are dead... 






The sun dies...
another day falls over the crimson edge
darkness descends lowly
the only light is the glistening blackness
of your blood seeping slowly
as your life departs from this being
death approaches all seeing
ready to dance on your grave...

captured in moonlit stillness
body enraptured in illness
pain explodes in spasmodic futility
your reign closes in chaotic humility
you are no longer the one...

stillness enhancing the moment approaching
no time left for regret or fear
willingness lost in dancing encroaching
memories lost in frozen tears
eyes close, the death-throws mingle
chest clatters and gurgles its last
palpitations slow to a tingle
all that came before is near past...

a final kiss is felt from warm lips
the finial to this post of existence
a peak so amiss, as svelt from the tips
of fingers tracing a route to repentance
clawing their way, lost mind led astray
the last grasp of life now so distant...

so as the final lifeblood drains
and that last breath stills the night
there comes a chilled refrain
as from this black is new light...
buried in a new dawn?




 As Sure A Finish....


Frae waves flitting the Isle o'Harris
tae metamorphose in Lappland
as mineral with light blue eye
beauty in rock aluminia panned...

With magnificent magnesial shine
full delicate of silicate mined
depths of life held within I
as tender bud to full bloom sini
kaleidoscopic yet azure in finnish
the sky in a moment is as sure to finish
in the hands of the beautiful one
sapphirine glistening in ice-dappled sun...



 THE BLACK UMBRELLA... (part one)


You danced on my grave as the heavenly nails fell

with impudence on my belated shell

my final relief from earths own natural disbelief

stair-rods from the skies  hammering at  my demise...


My only protection from natures warning

a solitary black hexagonal awning

held by fingers frozen in time

awaiting the sateing to the divine...


The solitary floods of tears are from above

buried in a storm of unrequited love

drowning in sorrow felt for oneself

now in death as was in health... 




Clouds dark as hematite, swirling above
filled with visions of long lost loves
captured in the moment of lightning strike
jagged perversion hits with voltage spike
filling the sky with momentary dread
giving life to that that is dead...

a wake then awake I rise
black umbrella hiding forboding skies
entrusted but encrusted in ancient soil
to bring forth new life to seek and embroil
in the arguments of time past and present
to seek the decree of life effervescent...

righting the wrongs of intricate pasts
bringing light to shadows banished at last
throwing away the shackles of once being
new life a glowing and now all seeing
from the depths of this grave I now can see
all things, all wisdom, sagely knowingly...

sun now evokes life to those who have chose
as the rain ceases, the umbrella can now close.





so full of twists and turns
mixed desires and yearns
love and hatred entwined
seems like many lives combined
new day, new dawn, new depression
new ways to learn in confession
a multitude of questions to ask
so many answers to task
sometimes life is eased, more often a strain
once time has ceased, time to start again
rollercoaster rides from oblivion to light
as each passing day leads to the night
sleep, sweat, wake...
think, shiver, shake...
a new life?






With a face of a pumpkin
and body of straw
his lil bruvvers t-shirt
and not a lot more
I sit here beside
another streetwise urchin
waiting for the pennies
for which he's been searchin'...
he's got no social skills
been skivin' off school
has a mongrel on a string
that he kicks to be cool...
and when you offer a penny
to take me safely from harm
he spouts expletives so profound
whilst trying to look calm...
but we all know the reason
for a penny for a guy
he'll collect enough loose change
tis cash for fags to later buy...





Shhhh! Listen!
To the cracking bows
as I show you how
and when...
to build a den!

take autumns leaves
and foliaged branches from trees
and lay them arched in profile...
use dried dead wood
to strengthen the hood
and straplings to tie and compile...
then construct the roof
from banded leaves to waterproof
entwined with ties of knotting...
so use green twines
or long youthful vines
spread with oil to stop them rotting...

and thus your den is now complete
and what you do there is so discreet
with the one whom you're smitten...
but beware of outdoor natural sex
when the floor is full of insects
or you'll both end up sore, red and bitten!





So with a hey-noddy-noddy
and a jingle of our bells
we're here to cheer and cook
a feast to make your heart swell!
we rub garlic on our thighs
and crush with a slap
t0ss into the pan
with a knee-knocky clap
hot oil to fry
add onions just grated
saute to the sweet hey!
add tomatoes to be sated...
with a click and a hip twist
we throw in the steak
chilli mix and clack sticks
now time for supper break!
clean handkerchiefs and ale
raised to bring cheer
bread for mopping and sopping
time for another beer...!
our calypso now collapso
we turn to the telly
and Emmerdale, never fails
once we're all full of belly
to send us asleep you see
with a noddy noddy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz





Whether you tipple be from the alsace
or maybe from bordeaux
grape variety is the priority
to taste to love is to know...
it's hard to say
whether a chardonnay
beats a pinot grigio...
if your tastes are for white
you may delight
in something more vertigio...
if you desire
a red to set fire
to the depths of your heart...
then a simple italian
with the steel of a stallion
may be the place to start...
or if you get dizzy
with something more fizzy
then get the taste for champagne...
once you have invested
in bubble-fests tested
then you may be won over again...
but a simple fruity red
will send you to bed
with succulent deep tastings to adore...
with full flavoured cheese
fruit and nuts to please
to nibble whilst pleading for more...
so when you aspire
to a vineyard to retire
open your tastebuds and mind...
for there is nothing finer
to become a diner
on simple foods with classic wines!






You dangled bangles from delicate wrists
I clasped your arms in bright cuffs
I proffer my soul with many a kiss
You wrap me enrapt in the buff
We bejewel'd each other in glistening stones
We presented our love in the present
We had our moments of passionate moans
And those stones then glowed effervescent...

But, times apart do hurt the heart
And no gift can ever replace
The times, our times, to make a new start
Are so briefly, face to face...
With our child so now a mother
So much more to lifes feelings
Has our love now been smothered?
By the thorns of matrimonial dealings...
Does our family future, suit you?
Is the time apart an escape?
Do you want us both with new fruit too?
Or is the core, a bore, with no shape?

We now wallow in our own sadness
We now drift as flotsam at sea
Can we not join together without madness?
Are we never to ever be three?
So I place this plea with some guilt
All I want is us, twinned o'er the land
Twas once what connected our souls in gilt
Now all I have is the rings on my hand.....




 DANCING FOR JOY  (part one)


Your silhouette as you pirouette
entrances me with its dance
as your arms swerve, a sensual curve
defined by aligned limbs askance...
that single tingle, as bracelets mingle
and the jingle as metals collide
rhythmic confessions of synchric expressions
driving me along for the ride...
dangling the bangles at symphonic angles
an inkling of tinkling teasing
observing and obeying your verve and swaying
curvaceous, enervacious and pleasing...
with pliant lips and swivelling hips
you increase the fire of my desire
light of feet, the illusion complete
the joy you bring, sings to aspire...
to take this dancing, above romancing
towards rewards, of love pure and sure
fragrant fuelled emotion, with deep devotion
I plead, the need, so we dance some more...




Let me take you far away
from depressing mornings
so dank and grey...
Let me whisk you off your feet
and take you to a future so complete
we'd laugh and love and lust our way
on our special honeymoon holiday...
we could stroll the sands under summer skies
let warming waters caress with deep sighs
snuggle together under moonlit nights
taste the worlds exotic delights
view the worlds arts and buildings so fine
sit in peace and tipple fine wine
roam mountains and valleys in vista supreme
watch skies laid together in peace serene
and the only wonders that we would miss
would be each time we passionately kiss...





I am me, I like what I see
whether you lock it in your pocket
or are splashing the cash
or your pocket hides a rocket
or you've a loose eye-lash
be there a twinkle in your eye
or it's beauty that you espy
perhaps you are so perfect you reflect
the mirror in which you inspect
at every moment you can
thinking - what a beauty I am
maybe it's in your brain
that no-one else is the same
so intellectual but mutually ineffectual
you espout with no doubt to all
as all around will crawl
on the floor in laughter
thinking no one so dafter
as you, as you preen, so serene
ignorance is bliss
as you drown in the glory, self kissed...
saying for all to see
do I, do I, love me!