Poeticity - feel the noize...

...you will!!!       (13 poems)

just waiting for your ideas to kick off...!





remembering when you were young

all those days of eternal summer fun

when life was full and free

running around, playing with glee

freedom to do whatever you like

running around, riding a bike

playing games til darkness fell

then home for dinner and treats as well...

how much do you miss those special days

when all you did was sleep and play

and now as the years pass by

how much of that do you continue to try

to keep in your life as age does slow

the spark in your eye, that always glowed

are there things you'll never lose

even as the past you review

do you still have a treat 

of ice-cream or some sticky sweets

or secretly enjoy kids TV

pretending it's informative, generally

do you still bounce upon your bed

when no one's looking, then hit your head

leaving you in tears, but no one comes

to a tearful dad or mum

do you love playing on the lawn

rolling around, shirts and shorts torn

mud on your face, that's not a facepack

join in the sack-race, not race to the sack

go all gooey, when approached for a kiss

instead of having a true night of bliss

playing games on your PS3

keeping your manual dexterity

as an excuse for getting older

fighting thee demons and getting bolder

oh for the joys of days gone past

when each moment would never be the last

and now you keep some childhood thoughts

to bring out when you won't get caught

and the end of this rhyme is purely cursory 

sometimes, to unwind, just go back to the nursery..... 






There is a sweet lady of scottish descent

who admits she'll never repent

or ever be persuaded to let go

of her love for a simple potato...

whether chipped or dipped

in mayo or sauce

her love for spuds will never divorce

diced or spiced or just plain boiled

gently buttered, new and fresh from the soil

sauteed with something a little naughty

or posh dauphinoise, just a little haughty

plain baked, roasted or sliced and fried

her tatty lust is never denied! 






Sun setting over a vibrant sea

surf pounding to the shore with glee

streams of light glistening in crimson and gold

a vision of beauty to behold...

tidal connections, leaving reflections

rippling across the living reef

nature's own vitality, a scene seen in reality

tempestuous beyond belief...

as each wave, waives its right to delight

to the next vibrant one in line

boiling and bubbling, toiling and troubling

on the surface seemingly so sublime...

this is the view, for me and you

as we sit stunned, open-mouthed and gander

silently still as the oceans power doth thrill

from our sunkissed seats on the veranda...


yet below the surface

of action and friction

lies sanguine stability

painted beauty depiction

where communal humility

and teeming futility

live together in fantasy homes...

and hunter and prey

frolic each day

darting and diving

innocence and conniving

natures friends and foes

in warm water floes

under the surface foams...

kaleidoscopic colours

camouflaged others

compete yet exist together...

and the sad thing we know

is that these reefs fail to grow

and that nothing, even beauty, is forever...


so with this sad contemplation

of human lifes denegration

of everything we see that is living...

one last thought to be shared

if only everyone cared

then nature would be much more giving... 

and as the sun falls behind

the night sky now fully defined

with distant stars and full moon...

a cloudless sky overhead

we sit here and dread

that this moment will be over too soon.....






A dark romance is reaching its union
when Sarah and Pete this week get wed...
no bride in white for this loving pair
the dress in purple and black instead...
A sweet vision of unearthly delight
will rise serenely from the night
preparing with style before she dresses
beauty surrounded by fiery red tresses
but this ceremony is no funeral pyre
the flames are just of love growing higher
and when the moment finally doth come
she have Pete’s key ‘tween finger and thumb
the key to unlock his ball and chain
before they kiss in this gothic refrain
and after ceremonial words are said
it’s time to fire the barbecue instead
the cake is unveiled as twin black hearts
with spider-web piping over it’s parts
just be careful what you do with the knife
no blood-letting as you become man and wife!

‘best wishes to Sarah (lil red gem) and Pete’




A personal poem... but for all



When I lost my mother
after she fought cancer for years
through all the highs and lows
and the torrents of tears...
when I spent every moment
of her last few otherworldly days
sat by her side, holding hands
tho' her eyes and mind were in a haze...
when her last breath registered
and her eyes opened so bright
as she looked suddenly upwards
and knew the time was right...
and that final single twitch
of her hand locked in mine
will live with me forever
a special moment in time...
and in the months that followed
I learned to enjoy the bliss
of the memories of a lifetime
of a mother truly missed...

but as time slowly passes
and one's own life must be cared for
I get a message, from my sister
sounding scared like none ever before...
she's been diagnosed with breast cancer
and is frightened to the core
and there are no words of comfort
that can express the hurt anymore...
the future, she's told is not bright
hard radiotherapy is beckoning
her hurt now bleeds all over me
and there is no light in the reckoning...
how can I help her?
through these times of desperation
when she has memories too
of our recent familial devastation...
I'm lost in a fog
of hatred and retribution
but need to guide her to
a happy living solution...
we don't live very near
and visits will be hard to arrange
I'm going to write her a poem
everyday - is that strange?
but if anyone can give guidance
of how we can cope with the above
then my complete appreciation
will be returned with much love...








From a time spent miles afar

full of smiles and wishes fulfilled

there be a desire to visit homely sights

now that sun drenched eve's have overspilled

and thoughts return to sunkissed minds

of green sward hills and running streams

falling rain with biting winds

of chill air breath and nightly steams

to hear echoes through cavernous valleys

take shaded walks in crisp relief

hand in hand with my soul partner

love once imagined now true belief

so sailing by on a tide of joy

much stronger now is the yearning

to come home to one's own ways

thoughts now turned onto - on returning....






Rays of dappled moonlight
dance through the forest trees
leaves rustle and sing within
held by the evening breeze...
and gliding 'tween the ancient oaks
so silent I could've sworn
plowed a vision of glimmering white
the mythical unicorn...
with mane of pure driven snow
and lionine flowing tail
it's beauty ne'er to be surpassed
such to silence a gale...
a creature conceived by love
instead of human fears
a solitary bringer of goodness
from the darkness of tears...
and yet it can never rest
or been seen emerging
in daylight it would be hunted down
entrapped by the scent of a virgin...
in open air, pulled to the lair
and if fed from that poison bait
the unicorn's spirallescent horn
can drain pain afore 'tis too late...
and if one day you may happen to sight
this glowing creature of night's delight
remember this one simple request
never share the site of the unicorn nest...






Dive-in and flex

let the water take hold

flow with the tide

see seascapes so bold

in this other world

beneath the sea

exotic, quixotic

a clarity in fantasy...


and swimming through the reef nearby

many more sights do you espy

from anemones waving multi coloured fingers

to jellyfish floating with trailing stingers

seahorses so shy and unprotected

flitting then hiding undetected


in the distance you see a patrol

of playful dolphins on a roll

dancing with vibrancy, elegance and grace

joy and glee upon their every face

and lobster and crab scuttling by your feet

making clouds of sand fly afleet


then gliding through like winged messiahs

are the oceans long haul flyers

manta rays a vision unreal

menacingly silent yet gentle to feel

a gentle giant in every way

covering miles of ocean each day

moving in an armada with intensity of reason

towards the place of their mating season

and as they glide from brief interraction

leaving you feeling sublime satisfaction

they pass out of view with a single wave

of each vast wing, a path they pave...


wishing them well on their passage

you turn as you feel a gentle massage

as fairy wings of warm water shoals

pass by quickly as danger unfolds

blue sharks hunting in a pack

ravaging through while the tide is slack

encasing in a murderous dance

a shoal of silver flashing lance

so as the water turns a vibrant red

you move away to tranquility instead...






Nothingness, bewilderment

no right words as sentiment

gone but never forgotten

my child, I was besotten...

tears fall, your voice calls

I hear it, yet fear it

once so sweet and fair

now, never again to be there...

I picture the closeness, tho' now am blind

special memories, ever hurting to find

a reason, no rhyme can replace

that angelic smiling face...

I reach out for you, for your young hand

to hold in mine, as my heart disbands

and breaks into a thousand tears

each one a moment from your momentary years...

those tears I taste and savour to keep

tho' many more from my heart I shall weep

and collect together as your lifeblood to drink

every day, every way, of you that I think...

and they will refresh me with hope anew

that the time here we spent as two

can give us both the reasons for being

so that in life, as in death, we are all seeing...

so even tho' there is no visible face

we are together in time and space

and tho' it hurts so, even to try

I am with you now, and be again when I die...







Pendant pods from topaz blooms

fill the air with filigree perfumes

scented scintillation to make you all a fluster

from climbing limbs, clambering to a cluster

vanilla essence exudes sensual spores

waxing leaves, leave you waning no more

mesmeric magic merges with motion

adding to the sexual potion...

roaming romantically into hearts entwined

setting scenes too obscene in the mind

rousing the carousing to higher heights

delighting the senses with scentsual delights

a fragrant frangipane with ambrosial cream

so your va-i-nilla is full-filled from your dreams... 






Boxes, boxes, everywhere

everything but the kitchen sink

can't find a thing, now I'm there

not a kettle to make a drink...

masking tape and bubblewrap

all over the kitchen floor

can't believe I've got so much crap

and there's still a lorry load more...

I rip and tear, curse and swear

and still nothing to quench my thirst

cups and mugs, glasses and jugs

I'm beginning to fear the worst...

towels and curtains, I was almost certain

I'd put the kettle in here

no time to think, must have a drink

so I'm off to the offy for some beer!






A lemming is not suicidal

it's migration is quadrennial

when its population booms

meaning there is no more room

they can head for the sea

desperately trying to get free

and although they can swim

it's not with much vim 

and pushed over by a mass of more

many drown before reaching the shore...






from weak spring sun to bananas for fun delight

and daffodils to custard slap-stick and bun fights

through fields of rape and grim teeth agape

and wisden almanacks held together with tape

australian one-day kit and jaundiced fellows

all encompassing, shades passing as yellow...

apple pie with custard covering

sugared sweet sharp grapefruit smothering

melons so juicy, dripping down from lips to chest

and lemons squeezed and grated for zest

pure milk butter, spread on golden toast

lemon marmalade covering bread from the oast...

sunflowers that glower in midday sun

silken honey through fingers does run

alabamababe with flowing flaxen hair

a smile of pure sunlight, I wish I was there

turmeric turning into a curry so nice

yellow saffron to add from a subtle hint of spice...

canaries that sing with sweet expulsions

a hint of yellow to a humdrum emulsion

inkily gaudy highlighters and post-its

aged cheddar and cheesy tit-bits

unripe tomatoes and trendy courgettes

faded lace and thick winceyettes

covering skin that under dappled gas-light

makes me yell - oh! what tasty titillating sights!