Poeticity - feel the noize...

...I need you! filling flamin' June with fiery phrases... ( 12 poems)





At the hallowed turf of Epsom downs

is run the race or world renown

a mile and a half covered at a pace

by thoroughbred horses, readied to race

the ultimate challenge for classy equine

ridden by jockeys in silks so fine

horses valued at millions of dollars

hoarse voiced punters on course to hollar

bets laid from pound to a kings ransom

a circuit around a racecourse so handsome

down at the start, the waiting ceases

as in the stalls the intensity increases

waiting for those gates to open

here's to luck, here's to hoping

that all the days of preparation

end minutes later in celebration

the jockeys with race plan in mind

hoping the going will be hard but kind

desperate for that special start

to gain a length, to calm the heart...

they're off! and running, jostling for places

that settle them to the ideal of races

watching opponents for tactics employed

hopes begin to be raised or destroyed

with furlongs to go, the battle enhances

maybe two or three still fancy their chances

and so with strides, a whip or two

your fancy, fancies, a path, a way through

sinews a bulging, profound perspiration

a final charge, a moments inspiration

so in the final hundred yards

time to play the winning card

that extra stride, that passionate ride

past the post, so close head-to head

they wins by a nose, the news that you dread

who ever remembers second place

in the worlds greatest flat race...






from distant memory

to pliant fresh mammaries

one can only treasure the pleasure

to be found heaven blessed

a vision of a young woman's breast...

with silken skin, heart beating within

smooth yet supple

a wondrous matching couple

from petite pertness to a handful of delight

and taught curves, skin pliant but tight

so receptive, so luxurious, so beautiful in shape

from the deep undercurve to the ribcage a heaving

budding expression, nipples a teasing

naturally bouncing, flighty and flouncing

free to express, the joys of the breast

idyllic shapes of purity, knapes of fascination

shaped eagerly by tender manipulation

taken in hand, squeezed to please

leant forward, proffered to tease

oh I wish, to have and to hold

such prominent points so exquisitely bold

fragrantly pure, creaminess in extreme

my wish, my delight, my persistant lifelong dreams...







A summer day by the river

nature beckoning, come hither!

on the bankside, through rushes and reed

as the water trickles

trout wait to be tickled

and birds sing  glorious epiphonies...

I lay, in peace, a piece, to read

silence then broken, only by

the hum of a passing dragonfly...

a fleeting flit

as it does skit

over the waters edge...

with wings so fine

and movement sublime

it lands upon a sedge...

and sits, tail curled

wings resplendent, unfurled

waiting for the next dance...

a partner to arouse

a waltz to carouse

in flight, together they prance...

a duet in flight

full of elegance and delight

entrancing, enhancing, my day...

I watch in awe

at this display of amour

til they dance, askance, away...







In the man-made countryside

of field and fallow

live the creatures

we all should hallow...

be it spring lamb and sheep

on the hillsides so steep

or calf and cow in the mead...

the pigs in their sty

splashing mud in your eye

as they nestle around to feed...

all creatures of beauty

unwittingly fulfilling their duty

of providing food for man...

but whilst they are living

be sure to be giving

the best life for them we can... 






If yeast be the bounty of life
that we then attack with sharp bread knife
to make a sandwich or some toast
covered with butter, as we like most
does that not then show how
our lifeforce is actually the milk of a cow?
or do we rely on farmed produce
more than what's grown from seed to tooth
is it natural to be with nature
or is nature too far our nurture
is there anything we eat
that cannot ever hurt ya?







Flesh, bared and ready

tinged with expectancy

through hundreds of dreams

the needle now gleams

to etch forever

something simple or clever

as a mark of love

or of visions above

a fantasy celebration

or simple appellation

into your skin.....


to tantalise or tease, pander or please

you're body now a canvas, taught and tense

a momentary pause, held in suspense

as the needle nears, all fears must now leave

a short jab of pain, now you can breath

outline framing your art of choice

sweat beads abrow, eyes a little moist

as you give blood for your desire

saying to yourself, 'please don't expire'...


artists ache for their art

your skin throbs at the part

that is the point of attention

the creative invention

a design for life, a statement of being

tho' you look away, can't watch what you're seeing

and in many a case, that will always be true

as the finished opus is hidden from view

under clothes, under pretence of a point

or in a place you can't see

without a mirror and double joints!






A cool cucumber has many a use...

and afor ye be thinking sauce, I dinnae mean self-abuse!


from simple slices or cubed dices

in fresh plucked salad a toss

with spring leaves, watercress hewn 

to apples, walnuts or a little cos...

to flavouring pimms, or cordial whims

to embellishing a wild salmon true

lightly oiled or deep embroiled 

as sticks to plunge in dips anew...

with lemon-juice and mayonnaise

a refreshing, tangy hit

or subtly tobasco'd, eaten alfresco

coolness and heat with wit ...

then to cool you down soon

a chilled cucumber soup

invigoration a la spoon

definitely not some gloop...

and if they've passed

or grown too far

pickle them up

and place in a jar! 


But if there's one still long and hard

then is the time to play the pleasure card!







Have you the magic eye?

can you leap tall buildings or fly?

do you soar with the birds

or do things much more absurd

succeed in everything you try...


can you lift that jumbo jet

capture villains in self-spun nets

walk on the ceiling

cure all ills by feeling

rid the third world of its debt?


can you see through walls

make yourself micro small

become totally invisible

round up the risible

or with lasers make mountains fall?


do you destroy evil

bring calm to upheaval

fight monsters from outerspace

wear silly masks upon your face

or pants outside your overalls?


can you save the future, repair the past

run across deserts so very fast

dive the depths of the deepest oceans

then be back in time for sweet devotion

to the girl you always get at the last!






A dull throb...

arrives unannouced in your mouth

pain heightens...

from top of jaw, heading south

gum inflamed, that cold drink blamed

tablets taken, face slapped and shaken

but still it throbs...

you bite on a towel infused with brandy

another bottle would be handy

but now the pain is excruciating

shows no sign of ever abateing

can't sleep, can't work, can't think...

feeling sick, you head for the sink

splashing cold water

when what you oughta

be doing is going to the dentist

but there's none left with an NHS list!







Memories are filled with good and bad

those moments of joy, feelings so sad

but to pick a moment when time stood still

is going to take quite some skill...

should I choose, that first ever kiss

first feelings of love, or sexual bliss

or maybe a place, a view to behold

a moment in time, astory retold

a present received, a celebration

or a story that captured the nation

moon landings, wars, a death of a hero

devastation, 9/11, down to ground zero

a sporting moment, live or onscreen

my introduction to the Test Match scene

winning cup finals, winning the league

moments of visual or literary intrigue

the first time you heard a particular tune

the birth of my daughter on the strike of noon

the death of my mother, whilst holding her hand

even sad memories cannot be banned

and so many others, I can't pick at this time

so perhaps I'll pick a few, and put each one to rhyme..... ?  




ROWING THE MOUNTAIN TARN... (for kim and craig)


A glacial tear in the Highland wilds

created when nature was but a child

to leave a lake hidden from view

which silence surrounds, and few men knew

resplendently encased by fir and heather

attracting extremes of northerly weather

from biting winds to pure driven snow

tempestual storms to this warm summer glow

and amongst the wildlife filling the air with sound

is a small blue row-boat, shallying around...

and in it seated, two lovers at peace

with time to extol each ones virtues with ease

sharing the rowing, with knowing looks and laughter

enchanted by the moment, charting what will come after

with gentle strokes, and rowlocks greased

heading towards the evenings peace

no care in the world, apart from each other

it's the love in their eyes, more uncharted waters to discover

and the ripples and wake, wash back the tides of time

from earliest memories, they knew their lives would entwine

soul mates, sole moments, so manifestly right

each wave goodbye, now each ridden wave a delight

and as the row-boat gently approaches the shore

they know that days of bliss, like this, will be many more.....







A lonely mogwai in an antique shop

hums sweet tunes for all who stop

taken into care by a young boy

who names him gizmo for bringing such joy

the old man warns, don't feed after midnight

and never, ever, expose to bright light

and be sure not to forget

you must never get them wet...

so gizmo sings his songs so curious

until an accident makes him furious

water spills upon his fur

gizmo shakes and yells in pain

starts sprouting offspring again and again

but these creatures are not cute

they're naughty and nasty and evil to boot!

and from this cackling, mischievous devilment

stands a leader who leaves gizmo in imperilment

stripe and his wicked army

proceed to send everyone barmy

causing chaos wherever they go

mayhem, death, and carnage ensue

until stripe is trapped in full view

of streaming sunlight, he melts into goo

the gremlins are now gone, gizmo is happily humming

until gremlins 2, a new batch - the second coming!