Poeticity - feel the noize...

junity..... a reunity


Opposing All Masters...

I will not follow the sheep you drive
I won't look away as you cheat and connive
I'll never care for your flouted politic
all dressed up in bullcrap, puke and sick
You do not rule me and never will
All that you deserve is your own self-served

My mind is mine own and only mine
each thought and memory is mine to define
every pain and pleasure is only for me
every vision of beauty is but mine to see
I hate you because I decided that way
and your lurid advertising will never sway
the power I have over mine own future
even if my decision will never suit you...

so leave me alone with my own loves of life
let me struggle and beat my way to survive
be you government or hidden global leader
parasite or partisan or sheer crap feeder
...I will never to you accord...
You now may kneel before me and applaud...!



Familiar Trees.....

The mighty oak roars
at the weeping willow
get out of my way
lay down on the mossy pillow
for I am the strength
in this forest land
and all sad trees
must now be banned...

The willow retorts
in her feathery way
that the oak is a bully
but here she will stay
to add to the beauty
of the summer skyline
with elegance and movement
and thus floutingly declined...

so the mighty oak thought
and considered the scene
and shook the willow sharply
leaving it weeping and green
but the willow was not beaten
and so began to make choke
by wrapping her lithe branches
around the old oak...

the oak was distressed
and so fell its acorns
and from each tough seed
a new oak was born
but these seedlings now understood
that harmony must forever rest
with everyone of the trees
in the depths of this forest blessed...





a symphony auditions at my window pane
rousing crescendos to tympanic sevens
carousing innuendos unable to explain
dousing droplets fresh scent from heaven
in which I drown...

fluid expression, a painters palette knife
liquid confession in saintless form
flowing and sowing for growing all life
thunderous applause for the vibrant storm
in which we drown... 





the racket of the racquet is strung
to intensities as sets are flung
from base-line to net
powerless to regret
to love is to become unsung...

balls served with malice
uncooked champions chalice
favouring grass or clay...
murray meant not a mint
thus came home skint
as clay was not his game to play...

serve and volley, line thrashioned
verve and line rolled unabashioned
but strawberries and cream
at five quid for a gleam
is fan grand slammed, hence fashioned...

now sat at match point
linament to anoint
to the players knee joint
retired, lost to love, disappoints!




I wrote this song one day, e-nother day,
I tried to sing it, couldn't wing it, never
I traisped and tripped over the tune
I lapsed and [censored] fell over la lune
and the moon was ballooned when I sought
another adournment from court
from which I ramble, back to babyshambles...
And how was I remembered
I couldn't say, now band dismembered
twas that silly t@rt all tattooed
who wrecked my life all imbued
I can't remember her name
nor can anyone else
she drowned me in her 'fame'
so I stayed put in my own winehouse....




 The Linden Tree...

A lime sublime in its' own standing
wi' bracts scentsual a-hanging
deep felt belief
frae young salad leaf
honey addressed deciduousness
dripping sweet infidiousness
be shaded, be swallowed, be bare
under neath the canopy so fair
lust induced aromata
frae one tilia cordata
honey-kissed bliss in dappled shade
enhancing all the love to be made.....




Keep Me At Heel...

I bow down at your feet and kiss
steep heeled shoes of bliss
smooth leather so sweet
encasing soft, silken feet
I'm yours...

Your calves so taught and refined
I imagine them around me entwined
clamped 'tween your thighs
temperature starting to rise
I emplore...

Walk all over mee in those heels
I can't imagine how it feels
leave your marks of pleasure
from those heels of steel and leather
I so adore...!




Quantum Physics...

wave functions collapse
in uncertain theories
atoms collide then depart...
random expressions relapse
on curtain led queries
nothing begins til it starts...
energy released in inverted time
particle invasion ensues
in cycles or as streams do batter...
moving while still in random line
energy from nothing accrues
as it's all just a matter of matter..... 



 Flowers Dying...

We wait, with breath abate
for months or maybe more...

from seed once sown
to young shoots grown
awaiting for developing blooms
to burst into life and perfume
in glorious colour and variety
from radiant red to lime sobriety
pulsing purple and passionate blue
in purity of white and every hue...

then it fades, petals fall
sepals dry, the flourish doth stall

from each bloom in many a case
can next years delights now begin to be
save the seeds and sow in apt time
and next years show will be e'en more devine

so there is no dying flower
only the gift of further delight
and the memories of the perfume true
will guide thee through many a dark night... 





Bl0w me! I've got the h0rn!
wrap your m0ist lipz around this...
what c0mes out is without a doubt
intially sheer heaven and bliss...
but after a while, it'll cramp your style
and all you're left with is a droning bore
so change the angle of lung lust dangle
put ear plugs in - beg for more!!! 




Children and childhood...

we all once were kids
free to express without reason
when every day seemed like a holiday
and all in one summer season...

school playtimes with footy and war
occasionally kiss-chase, time to explore
cricket in summer, mud otherwise
scuffed knees and bee-stings, tears in eyes
jumpers for goalposts, any size of ball
playing all hours til dinner did call
indoor games, imaginary friends
scalextric always run off at the bends
parties with jelly and parcel passing
still the sun shined, everlasting...

and now that we start to feel our age
no longer can we go on a rampage
nor get away with innocent wile
just by giving an angelic smile...
yet still we long for those days of youth
when all life was fantasy coupled in truth
our mates were those who had all the sweets
or whose parents were free with the treats..

we all still want a new childhood
and would go back if only we could
so now and again as a pure release
we get all childlike never wanting to cease
there's nothing wrong with acting the child
for in each of us is the need to be wild
and full of fun, innocent and free
so let's play together, you and me..... 




 Magnetic Attraction...

We may be divided by polar extremes
but then we know opposites attract
the pull that we feel over many a mile
comforts the closeness we lack...

Ironic filings, written in haste
luring each other with a closeness unknown
to become entwined in metallic space
so we see how that magic has grown...

Then the equilibrium of heartbeats collide
and tunes ring to the song of desire
and magnetic attraction will override
with heat and passion to aspire...

So as you magnetise me with your beauty
and I return the compliment in words
it's time to remind everyone here
that science is not just for nerds...!




Unknown Destination...

I leave here without sadness
but hold a light to lead the way
I know not where I'm heading
until I arrive to stay...
Across many a land
through sleet, rain and shine
in loneliness and laughter
and moments undefined...
thinking through the blindness
then melting in the swelter
pushing on through many a storm
then sinking behind shelter...
how will I know when to stop?
who is it that beckons me there?
only that hope and fortune
will lead to a life to share...
seeing hope in lost passion
felt from afar that reaches near
wishing for the moment to fashion
when my heart find its one so dear...



 Bird Flight...

Soaring gloriously on thermal waves
gliding in gilt sunlight
swooping, canoodling in freedom
the wonder of wondrous bird-flight...

feathers primed, dynamically defined
to lift to fly to aspire
wings spread as uplift is aligned
so swift so graceful go higher...

then to rest, to nest, to nurture and feed
so to sing songs so beautifully decreed
or to wail a siren of warning below
a wake up call or a crawing crow
blackbirds bustle and robins rest
all together or singly nest
reaping seeds and dust baths of delight
bathing in pools by failing sunlight
calling to order at the end of the day
resting-a-nesting til dawn chorus doth play


Mental Health...

Help Me!
let me lose these chains
that I wear in my head
free me from these pains
I don't want to be dead...
or do I?

I sit here enclosed, opposed, in self
I don't know when I last changed my clothing
it may be last night, last week, don't care
all I think is that life's so unfair...

I don't want to be here
take me away from this fear
I'm repressed in depression
without reason or confession
yet you ask me to smile - so I do
even though I don't know you
how could I when I don't know me?

this manacle grips tighter
my head feeling lighter
yet I am free...it's just me...

someone please lead me by the hand
tell me, make me well, to understand
pull me away from this blight
let me see some sort of light
and make sure my eyes are open
otherwise, I won't be coping...
give me strength through your heart
I have one somewhere here too
I'm sure it's got much to impart
but it's buried deep with no clue...

these walls, now apall, but losing them
darkness within, sins to self-compare
self confusion, this delusion fulfils
my own lifeblood now threatens to spill
hold me...?

before I fall into the abyss of my minds own
sometimes I lie still, ready for the taking
to be used, abused, self confused
of this much I'm sure I have mused
Please show me the light
Pull me close and tight
Let me see what is right
Take me away from fright
Save me...





Why did it happen when all seemed hidden?
when you and I weren't chosen or bidden
we fell together from miles apart
we now are forever, to never part
is it real or fantasy, just being you and me
how come we never did see, our total unity?

Is there a reason for meeting this way?
Have I said something that made your heart
Or were you tempted by teasing words
written here, my voice never heard
is it that, it all comes from my heart
do you feel the passion that I've to impart?
can I excite you, delight you and sate?
with actions and sensations to which you can
We've reached this far, now cannot abate
it must be love, it must have been fate.....





it's raining (you're complaining)
you're wet
and yet
you forget
to bring your umbrella...

it's pouring (thunder roaring)
you dash
and splash
and crash
indoors to get the umbrella...

it's teeming (you're not dreaming)
you seek
shoes leek
try and peek
around for that umbrella...

now it's sunny (not funny)
you're drowned
flat on the ground
still haven't found
that big, wide, dry umbrella...

(sorry, I borrowed it this morning!)




Prominently set proud
frilly encased
laid out to please
enticingly spaced
pliant pleasures
so full of flavour
and stiffly peaked
wondrous things to savour...
time to unwrap
lick at the icing
surrounding the roundness
full and enticing
squeezing the softness
licking my lips
nibbling the summits
enveloping the tips...
filled mouth with pleasure
hands filled, so gently baked
to enjoy at leisure
my favourite, cup-cakes!



 Festival Times...

Are you going to Glastonbury Fayre?
Smoking, toking and be laidback there
We all come to conjoin in peace
Which bands play is what matters least...

camping in the damping and muddylark fields
tho' this year the sunshine will yield
a glorious evening at the end of each day
and the bands on stage will forever play...

Dusk brings darkness to the main stage
lights are lit, or whatever's the rage
and partying follows amidst the night stars
a chilled existence from near and afar...

raving, no shaving and joining as one
craving the amazing time having fun
united and delighted with friends to share
all the delights of a Glastonbury Fayre...