Poeticity - feel the noize...

may eye....?   fresh words for a fresh month!  (25 poems)





As I write what I feel

full of memories past

still relevant and so real

I know not all things do last...


when reality is over-taken by the surreal

hurt inside is all that I can feel

no reason, no rhyme

for the silence of time

no denial, no reply

all I can ask is...why?


for when a friendship blooms

intense decisions may loom

and time again is let be...

but curt indignition

of what? am I missing?

then pain flows freely throughout me...


and that pain doth grow

when it's love that should flow...


and if it could.....I would..........







In sombre reflection

I've lost my direction

does my flirting leave you hurting?

my mind is all awash

filled with doubt and spacious tosh

when my heartsblood is pumping and spurting...

and that passionate intensity

is meant for both you and me

but now I've derailed from the track...

I don't know what you're needing

all a while, my heart is bleeding

please, let me know what to give, that I lack?







The intensity

the perfume

fills the room....

heavenly scent with a devillish twist

scentsational fragrance, ne'er to be missed

heady musk aroma deep

drawing you in to mystical love or content sleep

but when the fragrant beauty is shared

then passionate feelings can be paired...







 the stones fry in moisture ablessed

bodies warm in a steamy caress

minds clear in a mutual sowna

lifting, enlightened, the up from a downer

sizzling rocks, all within defrocked

harmonic transparency, fluid sensation

deep thoughts leading to higher elation

no words need to be said, happiness full fed

wi' may be a drop or two

of a favourite brew

quenching that thirst, head fit to burst

with expression, of confession

peace from within

maybe many a thought of sin

enticed within the heat and the sweat

evaporating in a porous outlet

pure invigoration, with shared continuity

leading to coming together inperpuity

behind steamy windows, closed to the world

inner sanctity, sensuality, naturally unfurled...







From one blink of your eye

glimpsed at a glance

your fluttering eyelashes

leave me askance...

not a tic, nor a trick

just a direct tease

a wink, with a kink

leaves me begging - oh please!

a flash and a flutter

leaves me melting like butter

your come to me eyes

increasing in size

and framed, acclaimed

by lashes of silk

enticing me in

silken with sin

full filled to be fulfilled

eyes framed with sini-skill

beauty surrounded, deep lustre embounded

flutter them frequently!

openly not secretly!

draw me, into, infatuation

to your sinuous imagination...

and thus the 'lashed' open invitation

emboldens, with added hot perspiration...

so to leave a perpetual desire

from one eye to those, of another

filled with eyelighted fire

a flutter, to cover, a lover......






Each word connects with different effects

each different person has a personal version

and writing this way, tho' often for one

attracts another to join in the fun...

a single rhyme with infinite rhythm

a topic chosen for love or forgiven

one aimed to bring a little cheer

may leave another with silent tears...

rarely expected to appeal to all

often read by few if at all

but as long as one

finds something deepfelt within

then poetry continues

to be our worldwide secret sin...

as admission to liking

is rarely heard

and saying you write it

is clearly absurd

but if a line or two can connect

ponder a question, maybe raise intellect

or simply remove a nagging denial

by leaving behind, a warmfelt smile

then every word has been time well spent

and for that reason, I'll never relent.....







I lay in silence, cool breeze to my head

on a warm green pasture, my favourite bed

I look to the skies, wonder and stare

entranced by the shapes evolving up there...

clouds come, clouds go, passing gloriously by

while I, down below, feel I'm afloat in the sky

shapes connect, then split 

all three-dimensionally bold

so intricate, ever-changing

I want to reach out and hold

and tho', I admit, I forget their names

they dance before me, displaying atmospheric games

from a wil-o-the wisp to a thunderous power

mackerel skies to an imminent shower 

or hazy froth on a deep blue sky

all wonderful visions, I cannot deny

their beauty, their power, their ability to enhance

I will lie here for hours, totally intranced...







whisper this....never

shout this...NO!

as all the poems and words you write

increase in intensity and flow...

you're a wonder with the saucy rhyme

explicit, entrancing, entwined lines

that invigorate, so passionate

so fun and with feeling

so hot, sometimes, I need to be prised from the ceiling!

so never stop those sensuous asides

we'll always love to be along for the ride!

And then as you come out...

with something else to shout

a surprise to us each

magical rhymes sent to teach

about other things...

they really do sing!






The hum of the engine

through cloud and clarity

tenseness inside

in the sky, a purity of parity

it's so great, you wait...


the hatch opens

ground below unseen

influx of air

face turning green

awaiting your fate...


the call comes

you bridge at the gate

'tween metal floor

and invisible plate

with air so brief

so you step outside

to find that relief

adrenaline rush, face flush

updraft then downfalling

birdlike a-soaring

gliding twixt the clouds

tingling enervation

feeling free and proud

wrapped in the knowledge

of safety absolute

e'en tho' your life

depends on that silken chute...


but these short moments of exhilaration

whilst falling closer to your own earth

your mind all filled with heart-pumping sensation

confusion, fear filled, with primordial mirth

gathering thoughts, wishing for wings

natural emotion, maybe silent prayer

the need to shout or loudly sing

all insecurities completely, utterly, laid bare...


it's near the time to unleash the buffer

frail parachute now your only lover

with a single tug of the single cord

falling slows, and briefly you soar

heartbeat slows, view of the ground grows

and briefly you float before descending

gently with the wind appending

memorable views come into presence

greenness turns into sparkling effervescence

first the mountains and then the trees

then, with a thud, ouch! my knees!

you land, on the land

that seemed so far away thus

and say to yourself

next time... I'll take the bus!







silent shapes from a mouth agape

near sibilant free conversation

barely a sound uttered or heard

expression through imagination

getting closer to make out the meaning

of understated but impassioned leaning

picking the phrases from quiet phases

taking choice words, e'en if no voice heard

up close lip reading

getting closer, then leading

to a kiss...

was there something I missed?

say it again, show it with signs

say it with passion and carnal designs

let the emotions become unfurled

now shout it out loud  to the world!







Through silken grasses and fragrant heather

fresh morning dew between your toes

stepping gently 'tween the sprung feathers

looking for that magic that only you know...


stepping gently, so not to crush

spring shoots arriving in the first flush

beauty in miniature, energising to grow

from seed and bulb, 'neath bracken below

thru' damp and muskiness

o'er hillock and green

chasing the faeries frae where ye have seen

them dancing between the fungi delight

edible full moon reflections under natural moonlight...


and as they frolic, and you join the dance

a swing and reel, side stepping, askance

joy to behold under peaceful skies

raising the passions, never denied

but all too short, or so it seems

fantasies and reality in everlasting dreams...


morning then calls wi' the sound o' the lark

blackbirds carouse the lifting of dark

songs to surround the gentle explosion

of new life in twinned emotions

moisture rises with the weak morn sun

peace and unity, nature as one


so as sunlight skims the valley floor

and darkness leaves the leaves once more

budding flowers reach to the light

ready to bathe us with total delight

and heavenly fragrance fills the air

how I wish, I was with you there

making daisy chains and drinking the dew

a vision of spendour, shared too by two......





SAILING... for a very brief visitor to UKCb....


Dawn rises over a silent sea
no wind to ripple your sail
alone and aching to be with me
you almost wish for a gale...
so much time to think
over lost love and desire
no matter how becalmed
still rages the fire...
gulls soar above the lifting mist
a gentle flutter awakes to please
a sou'westerly breeze fills the canvas
painting signals to follow with ease...

little white horses along for the ride
you've made your choice and now decide
to follow your heart into lifes' surf
whatever it takes, it will be worth
the pain and the heartache
the passion and fight
gliding the waves
you know it is right...

the sea tussles and tumbles
rollers beating a path
you've got to be strong
for the happy aftermath
for when you reach your destination
in love in life, in joined sensation
every moment spent at sea
will be special to you and for me...



...and the reply from a 'very brief' (less than 24 hrs! lol)  friend...sylvie_09


Thanks boggy...

And one in return, for a friend.

Let us lay together
Wrapped in each other’s arms
As the sun goes to its rest
And when the golden moon
Smiles down upon us
Let me gaze into your eyes
And see the love you feel
For your eyes are
The window to your soul
And your soul
Is filled with passion and delight
Surrender to me
Your soft red ruby lips
Give me your wine sweet kisses
Intoxicate me with the desire
That burns within you
Let us both give into
The delight of loves
Sweet raging fire
Let us lay together
Wrapped in each other’s arms
As the sun goes to its rest
And when the golden moon
Smiles down upon us
Let me gaze into your eyes
And see the love you feel.......

Au Revoir.

(who was she? where'd she go? - dunno....shame........) 







the asphalt steams, bodywork gleams

rev counters implore, power to soar

gridded, ready and waiting

soon to be unleashed and sateing...


final fine tuning takes place

near comes the start of the final race

concentration and sweat

energy ready to be let

the countdown begins

tumultuous roaring engines

at the ready...




And with a roar, it starts

fast beating hearts

bunched towards the first bend...

jockeying for position

avoiding collision

no need for an early end...

sharply leaning, engine screaming

defining the perfect line

taking it smooth, so much to prove

at the head of the pack, sublime...


speed of the essence

throbbing tumescence

the power 'tween the riders legs...

poetry in motion

slipstreaming devotion

the fast straight just ahead begs...

full throttle, open wide

in effortless glide

now leading from the front

clear road ahead

faster, faster, it sped

behind, a spin and a shunt...

maintaining control

just the one goal

leading from start to finish...

a perfect ride

can't be denied

euphoria of winning doesn't diminish...


final straight, flag in site

engine soars, rider and machine unite 

in the glory of a perfect race

across the line, wheelie in place

arms raised in total elation

crowd roars in adulation

team and rider, totally delighted

champagne sprays and garland knighted

at the peak of the podium, a wave and a bow

crowned world champion, right here, right now!





all graceful a flutter
delicate with powers
to enliven the sky
then pollinating the flowers
wings of such beauty
frail with elegance
to espy a butterfly
leaves you askance
in wonder at their intricacy
in a life of simplicity
flying from scent to scent
visions heaven sent
seemingly so free
a exotic delight, to you and me...






Sunday morning and the sun doth shine
warmth felt sweet, feelings divine
gently breeze lingers thru' your hair
roses-a-blooming, heavenly scent in the air
relaxation, contemplation
a time to reflect and plan
as winters' cessation
leads to beauty as the eyes scan
nature in a flourish
growth fresh to nourish
our hearts and minds
contentment undefined
all life with expectancy invigored anew
new beginnings, new emotions, just for you..






Wi' a well-oiled fife, and the love of her life

barefoot amongst the fragrant delights of spring

gentle background lute, fleetingly strummed to suit

dawn chorus leading her heart to sing...


a modern girl with a renaissance swirl

leading him by the hand

through rich green pasture

past your plantings of last year

gentle breeze leaving her fanned...


she sings a sweet song

interspersed, intertwined 

with elegant fife notation

leading him to the stream

with eyes all a gleam

in a dance of whirling rotation...

she plucks simple strings

her beauty framed with spring blooms

pure musicality all things

as the intensity of  passion looms...


at the waters edge

bound by rush, reed and sedge

she lay the instruments down

then with a simple  direction

towards his affection

she lays her love to the ground...


and tho' the musical  joy has ended

the music of love is no longer suspended

and there, beside the rushing stream

love envelops as if in a dream

and tho' the birds may call from above

the only sounds that matter, are those of love

a unity in the natural world

amongst spring buds, all becomes unfurled...





NIBBLING.....(part one? - maybe...)


I pull you tight close to me

as I'm stood behind

lean into your neck

so perfumed and refined...

you feel my breath

getting ever near

my hands gently sweep 

silken hair away from your ear...

I move closer

tongue towards your lobe

then very gently

mouth your aural globe...

so soft and pliant

you wriggle and sigh

I subtly nibble

and then hear you cry...

with passion and pleasure

sensations undefined

I nibble a little

you submit, curve your spine...

as if to implore

tho' I barely hear

you want more

nibbling of your ear...


...and then my tongue and  teeth wander...

gently where? ...Do you wonder?  







And as my tongue and teeth

slowly slide beneath

you quiver...

at your neck I concentrate

nibble here, lick there, to sate

you shiver...

so smooth and slim

and at a whim

I bite...

'tween neck and shoulder

getting bolder

sheer delight...

from your necks' nape

our eyes wide all agape

to the curves at the peak...

of shoulders taught but giving

skin alive and living

lower down, I seek...

trail of tongue delights

little nips, tender bites 

hands yet to roam as well...

I turn you around

kiss your lips so profound

then watch your peaks as they swell...


tongue slides, teeth glide

towards proffered delights...?






Hesitantly, I

pleasantly eye

perfection before my eyes...

leaning in

excitement within

succulence I must try...

my lips surround

a hardened peak I've found

and then begin to nibble...

as they engorge

I must gorge

myself, you cannot quibble...

I could linger for hours

melting in your powers

but must head further down...

my tongue slides across

your silken sweat embossed

stomach and ribs and waist...

so smooth and warm

and now my hands swarm

all over you at a pace...

stroking and caressing

with your fervent blessing

I roam whever you please...

fingers and hands

whatever you're demands

I worship at your knees...

and now from your feet

I nibble toes so sweet

and caress and kiss your calves

your minds all a quaking

your body is shaking

I never do things by halves...

over sensuous skin

and trembling within

all over you I now plunder...

and so as my tongue soothes

up thighs, so wonderfully smooth

are you beginning to wonder...?


where next I seek to adore?

perhaps we will need a part four?






As I gently but fervently, nibble and kiss

my way towards your heavenly bliss

savouring the flavours of moistness so near

tongue leading, teeth follow, making the way clear

for the final act of this erotic trip

you pull me closer and then my lips

reach the point of their desire

fruity, warm, pure liquid fire

my tongue teases, gently lapping

eyes now closed, mentally mapping

the route to the final glorious goal

from my tongue to the depths of your soul

the joyous climax to a journey now reached

yes, yes, yes, you scream and beseech

one last gasp of fragrant air

before I swallow you whole and bare

make me, take me, now! not maybe!...


Oh, how I love nibbling at Jelly Babies!!! 







bathed in the rays 
of solitude unfazed
relaxing, the only taxing
of your mind is the crossword
no cross words expounded
lay back, laid back
in the garden, in peace
one down, with a frown
completed, now cease
rest the body, rest the mind
sunblessed invigoration undefined
maybe a tipple, as the ripple
of the pond or stream
water with your whisky
whisked away in a dream
chilled wine, so refined
birds singing, fragrance bringing
from the roses all around
scentsual bliss, nature's kiss
as you lay on the ground
enjoying the rays
on a rare summers day... 




 sun rays erase
what is past
sun light delights
warming so fast
some are enjoying
summer days and nights
some scents are toying
summer daze, in the haze
of some summers new light...




 The heat of the day is past
blue skies tinted with red, so vast
not a cloud in the sky
beautiful evening ne'er denied
as the blackbird still sings
a heavenly voice that rings
from the trees, everyone to please...
the ending rays
from a glorious day
still enhance the eve
and solitude and peace
twixt man and beast
as on the grass I lay...
sunblessed, body caressed
now I leave here, lest
I fall asleep before
the night sky to adore.......  




Dawn breaks over azure skies
Bees buzz as birds fly
A gentle breeze freshens the air
Early morning stroll, without a care
Breakfast in the garden scent
Warm croissants, heaven sent
Fresh juice to invigorate
Coffee pot to caffeine sate
Sunday papers spread and read
Better here than laying in bed
Surrounded by fragrant cornucopia
Sat here in my own utopia...




Frae the heat o' the afternoon, I expire...
warmed and sated, no breeze, I perspire
then shower, refreshed, ready for cooking
a feast of desire, just need a booking
with flavours to savour
in the evening sun
succulent juices ready to run
what source, a hot sauce - are you the one?
inflagrante, in flamed, I grant ye
whatever you desire, from the fragrant fire
that still lives within, for all my sins
a shout to get out, from this roundabout...
need to chill, need some thrills
feed me, bleed me, give me passion
for life, for love, whatever you fashion
from the heat of the day
my mind doth sway
side to side, please don't deride
my confession, pure expression
of a lonely one, in the summer sun.....