Poeticity - feel the noize...

old, new, blue...  (42 poems)

All the below were written at the request of friends on UKCb, during January 2009 - phew!


 A New Year...

A new year
and what will it bring
more sorrow, depression
war and famine
as the world leaders
continue to fight
'bout money, religion,
ignoring our plight
in their search
to besmirch
and glower
at the power
they hold
enrolled, and hidden
never bidden
to explain or sacrifice
their own vice
whilst all around
is the sound
of silent confession
unlearned lessons
read from many books
that cook
misbelief, for any belief
that imbibes hatred and damnation
for any nation
that agrees
to disagree
unless a fat fee
is paid, or displayed
in a black fountain
at a price
earthly sufference
has to suffice
while the dice
are cast, no repast
to the future, won't last
whatever we say
is ignored
however implored
that this cannot continue
but they insinu - ate
and grate
and grind
while left behind
is reality
a finality
that is lost
no matter the cost
as the planet dies
so will you and I...


new year...





a single, glistening feather
glides, slowly, sadly, to the ground...
it's message to the world?
simple but deeply profound...

Was once a sole white dove
in freedom, in skies above
lonely in heart
a need to impart
some truth...
to the world below
that did not know
how the importance of life
without strife
without anger and pain
managed by the insane
could exist
through the mists
of time, of war
hatred, inbred, the poor
with pestilence
shock and awe
destruction an excuse, so pertuse
as not to recognised...as sane
life wanes...

and as I fly
I cry
for friendship, acceptance, to sing?
words, thoughts, of unity, without impunity
just a single need
for peace to succeed
ignorance is not bliss!

but with a kiss
companionship aligned
with two doves, two minds
thinking as one, of a kind
working together
to untether, the light
a release from darkness
until the next bullet hits...

and as that shell
into the heart of reason
the season
of greed, anger and ire
re-ignites the funeral pyre
and loneliness returns
a dying dove burns
leaving pride
for now or never
with just that solitary feather.....




Without hope
there is nothing
but with nothing there is greater hope
as from the depths
we can only rise
and to survive
with hope
in our lives
and awakens
the foundations to build
and lengthen
the strides we take
positives we make
to enhance the chance
of a positive future
without negatives
no sedatives
just the belief
that relief
will follow
from all that seems hollow
and the hope that grows
as positivity flows
to lead the way to finding the future
the right one that will suit you
and as that surface is reached
and difficulties breached
then a new horizon will proffer
so much more hope to offer
and with the realisation
of having taken control
worry and despair
can be released from your soul...





I roam...
a thousand light years from home
into the depths of space...
not a race
not exploration
just freefall, freewill
the thrill
the vastness apparent ahead
behind, all around
yet, no sound
but silence within a dream
never what it seems
beyond comprehension
a suspension
of time and reality
no finality
just beauty in a vision surreal
yet so real
of the cosmos
at a loss
to describe the enormity
the power, grace, unconformity
feeling lost
yet part of a whole
sensing wonder
but in control
gliding, riding, sliding
the overriding, sense of the inept
so I wept
and my solitary tear
joined millions out here
raining as a cloud
a cluster, calm but flustered
random points proud
designed and aligned
with a meaning still untold
promising heat, yet still cold
pure sensations of creation
from the depths of imagination
but one day...
I will roam...



My lips start
gently, with a peck
slowly rising
from the nape of your neck
I nibble, you shiver
no quibble
a pleasing quiver
descends down your spine
you're mine...
I taste the fragrance
enhancing to arouse
as we carouse
entwined arms
bringing calm
but raising passion
to fashion, into one
a unity of purity
as our lips touch and taste
for the first time, no waste
the heat flows, grows, shows
as your mouth acceeds
to welcome me
and then our tongues combine
entwine, sublime
savouring, craving, flavour
devouring, wanton behaviour
all else we ignore
as you implore
wanting more...





 A minute is all it takes
to have you enraptured
in the throes of desire
much higher
than you'll ever know
I will show
and share
care and caress
as I undress
slowly, sensuously
remember that kiss?
did you miss
what now follows
wrapped, enrapt
in my arms
but heat rising
soaring and imploring
for more
but it's only the start
your heart
beat ever louder
n!pples standing prouder
acceptance, deliverence
impatience, elevation
above passions before
on the floor
on the bed
blood rushing to your head
hands, tongue, teeth
above and beneath
the hot aroma and scent
heaven scent
of pleasure to come...
and come again...

x (hot enough? - lol)




is her name
a coolin' smoke
you like a toke?
laid back, not waste
happy smile on her face
a fragrant aroma filling
laughter a-spillin'
hey there brother
roll me another
lets hang and dream
tokin' serene
a cool love flowin'
surrendered and glowin'
a devilish sweet weed
now it's food that I need!!!




Why? is a question...
an unanswered confession
of something sought
with little thought
to an answer that may exist
and then only if
the question posed
is supposed
to to be there...
Who? is enquiring
or aspiring
to gain knowledge
as we forage
thru' histories, mysteries
fables and rhymes
from the beginning of time
to the present
all correct, effervescent
a guiding light
to delights
ahead of us
and thus...
When? will it reveal
that is concealed
and hidden
from gaining true insight
giving respite
from the humdrum
as the heart drums
and beats new passion
for us to fashion
in time...
Where? we discover
new friends or a lover
to fill our heart
ne'er to part
holding hands
across distant lands
in a paradox
or an equinox
of a place
or clock-face
the inexhaustible quest
for one's own bliss
Why is this?




Is the end
really a finality
or just a simple banality
where the acceptance
of repentance
is ignored...
so feel assured
that beyond our sad existance lies
clear blue skies
where peace and solitude
happiness and love
live above
our dreams
as all is not what it seems
for we are only here
to learn and prepare
for something better, out there.....




So warm, embedded
under the duvet embroiled
why rise, when comfort
exists not to be spoiled
peeking out and thinking
should I really stay here
and remain, to gain
more love from someone near...

so we gently, sensuously
make love, one more time
then some laughter
follows after
and satisfaction is fed
so visions
after the decision
to rise from my bed
now enter my head...

a coffee, a cigarette
read the papers
no regret
then simple food
returns the mood
for a further cuddle and lingering kiss
cos' when you're not here
I really do fear
that it's everything I miss...




with all that electricity
that implores
are you sure?
can't you say
there's an easier way
forshorten, forsoothe
is there no proof
that something so hard
hoisted by one's own petard
til you cried
make it simplified!
and the confusion
leads to delusion
monumental confusion
when, at the end of the day
the only thing you need to say
I love you...


I'd whisper your name
but I don't know it...
I'd whisper sweet nothings
just to show it...
with my breath in your ear
tongue following to tease
warm sensations so near
I would aim to please...
A nibble at your lobe
ready to explode
with passion and fire
raising desire...
so tell me your name
let's continue the game
and where is it leading?
are you hungry for feeding?
with whispers and word
only you will have heard...




Does my bottom
look big in this?
Is my hair coifferred
not all a tizz?
Do I suit red?
Does it match my bed?
Should I drink Moet or cheap fizz?
Are my boobs displayed
snug and tightly?
Or are they hanging out
all unsightly?
Does my lippy go
with the fake-tan glow
or do they clash all too brightly?
Does this dress suit my shape?
or would I be better to drape
last years curtains
if only I was certain
that velvet was better than crepe!
If I were to go au natrelle
would I look a much better belle
do I really need
to take true heed
and be happy with myself - what the hell! 




Do you understand
what I'm saying?
or is a game
that you're playing?
Are the words expressed
incomplete, or self confessed
a failure to realise
without surmise or comprimise
the meaning behind
simple words defined
can you impart
from your heart
true feelings...

Is the explanation
a citation
enough to feed
sow the seed
of openness, with freewill
to spill
those thoughts we may hold
by being so bold
as to query, to ask
to fulfil the task
of acceptance
or to misinterpret
the request
all askance...

so say what you mean
to enable to glean
the answer - a question
a confession
of reality, finality
simplicity or banality
a quandry of sagacity
exposed and hoping
mind fully open
to each possibility
away from hostility
you are blessed
never to misunderstand
those who may be misunderstood... 




Do I really know who I am?
What do I want, to be today?
A demon, an angel, an angelic demon
when I choose, what do I really mean to say?
Do I need to hide, behind a facade
Is being me, really so hard?
What am I scared of?
when I post a new vision
do I look for praise
or hide from derision
will my pride be hurt
if something nasty or curt
is said
is fed
into my insecurity
a need to be seen as pretty...
A picture may say
a thousand words
but the words you say
are those that are heard
and if confusion
follows delusion
from a fake imagery...
then to hide
behind lies
is obvious to me...
an excuse, obtuse, lacking in heart
just be you, full on view
a fresh new start!
Then you'll see
that diversity
is an escape
unable to face
reality or truth
and the proof
can be found in your soul
should that not really be your goal?
strength through adversity
leads to inner peace, in simplicity... 




with envy or virginity
or just equanimity
as life passes by
to question why
is each our own decision
ne'er feel failure or derision
accept the negatives
accentuate the positives
free words to be heard
free will to spill
and share
cos we care...




...as the pure driven snow
yet to know
pleasure to receive
or relieve
in suspension
to wait
to sate
those tinglings from within
without sin
to give, to take
joy to make




...then the snow melts
steam rises, lifting, sifting
through the many pleasures
to be found
to astound
with virginity left behind
desires defined
passion flowing
skin a glowing
temperatures rising
sensations surprising
no longer frightening
but a waltz, a dance
there to enhance
the intimacy
of unity.....




forever autumn...
and tho' the leaves are lost
and winter grips
I still await
to hear from your lips
those mysteries unsolved
the person defined
who still revolves
around my mind
and even when a question finds
through intricacies
of the mind
I find, I still know nothing about
when will you let it all flow out?
from your profile to your posts
nothing is shown
you ask to be asked
but the seedlings have not grown
so once more I do aspire
and enquire
to earn, to learn
the ability to see
more about you
just for me?
A picture
a teaching
my open arms reaching
into your heart
I beg you impart...




Am I serendipitous
in my serendipity
that you are
a true friend to me?
Is it luck
that our paths have crossed
through so many words
that could have been lost
or is that luck
more opportune
than first realised
maybe more fortune?
So may I be
so bold to address
that serendipity
should lead you to confess
deeper feelings than you have exposed
so what is hidden behind all those
simple words employed in a list
there must be more that I have missed?
so in a revolving serendipity
what sweet nothings do you whisper to me?




I paint a picture of warmest wishes
fireside cuddles and deep long kisses
of memories so darkly distant now
that new flames are sought I vow
and as the fire spins a merry dance
the evening air stills to enhance
a tingling sensation down your spine
as my arms entwine with thine
and the solo song of natural heat
sings a duet oh so sweet
with whispers and sparks to ignite
the burning passion through the night
each ember twisting in delight
enflamed, enraptured, full of sprite
and encased, enlivened by each other
burns a fire that none will smother
so in front of this eternal flame
sweet words of love are conjoined in name
as our souls unite and inspire
the warmest wishes become a roaring fire...




I have a crush
on you
but you knew that...
I have feelings for you
but you'll never feel them
I have passion for you
or is it a fashion or a fad
that I have had
not that I'll ever have you...
it hurts, it's hard, it hits
like a hammerfall
my crush
is crushed...




buzz!, humm!
in the summer sun
busy beedling
whilst I'm weeding
amidst fragrant delights
through the heat, 'til the night
when cooling sensations
aromatic elations
still linger and lust
tilthing the dust
created, and sated
by glorious days
from the end of may
intoxicating perfume
blossom and flourish
as the bees nourish
with sweet honey to fill
sweet honeys to fill
with desire
sticky, perspire
flying higher
with apis
hitting the spot
getting hot
extracting pollen
feeling swollen
a tumescent tuber grows
reaching towards the sky
proud, a loud, a flower
allowed, unshroud, all a glower
awaiting pollination
sweating anticipation
deflowered, empowered, enriched
senses heightened, scent enlighted
all things must ripen and harden
in the glory of a summer garden...




I dig
the hole grows
where it ends
I don't know
the escalation of frustration
as I encircle
ever decreasing
to find an answer, a way
an unbalanced display
of a way out of the mire...
I aspire, but
the cut of the spade
has delayed
with bluntened edge
on the edge
of escape from...depression
without confession
as all that I do
to renew
an existance of pittance...
Help Me! for I know not where
or how, or even care
gradually going spare
with frustration
an elaboration, of the need to be free
but until I see
the end, the start, in sight
an insight into the everglade
where I lay down
my spade
and reach to the air
despair, now ridden
once was hidden
to a panorama so wide
ruts cut aside
breathing the luxury of escape...




...by your bedstead
I would stand
by your pillow
take your hand
getting closer
and so near
sweet nothings whispered
in your ear...
tucked up tightly
to sleep a bliss
I would leave you
with a kiss...




undulating sensation
liquid creation
rhythmic unity
conjoined fluidity
on the crest of a wave
means to misbehave
while riding the surf
for all you're worth
as lapping the shore
sure in your lapping
'til the peak is reached
floods 'til beached
a rollercoaster of emotion
vibrant emotion
and the swell
is quelled
in the calm serenity
of a glistening sea
bathed in bliss
and warmth like this
in each others arms...




Is it you?
or is it me?
filled with
can I sate your question
with a confession?
or is the task
for me to ask?
within, without
certain, without a doubt
unsure for sure
needing more
asking less, lest
this is a test
as to who wants what
a feeling hot?
a need to enquire
feed a fire of desire
aspire to solve
and evolve
in creation
of a relation
ship, on the seas
that tease
as waves toss and turn
in eagerness to learn
something, nothing
everything, sweet-nothings
from a silence to a roar
insatiably curious...for more?




I despair at the disrepair
I mourn the careworn
as the sands of time
have beaten their path
all that is left
is the aftermath...

what once was a temple now lies
in ruins that can't be denied
but with patient love and tenderness
restoration of beauty
from a mess
will be done...
for this is a special one
an item of beauty and style
ignored for a long while
but with caresses of skill
hands ready at will
this temple can shine once more
a wonderful thing to adore...
behind the worries of age
a sylph-like goddess displayed
to be resurrected
and lovingly protected
for future worship and pleasure
bringing new life at leisure
enchantment divine
still lays supine
behind the dust, is a must
to caringly, lovingly
encourage to bloom
a gleaming, teeming
elegant perfume
body of venus
silky and smooth
revitalising the energy
from one's own youth
to deliver a promise
of exquisite sensuality
a work in progress
of you, from me...




Are we afraid?
Of words that are forgotten
by those besotten
with its 'writer'...

why are we scared
when compared
with a book
of writings
oblivion and love...

where do we fear
something near
or distant
in discord
with life and death...

who do we hate
for our fate
to be chosen by those
without prose
anarchic in vision
or blindness
in confession
a lesson
never learned
by the learn-ed
and fed
by reasons unfound in reality
'til the bomb explodes, totality
who wins?
who sins?
who cares?...but those who have lost
immeasurable cost
of life and existance
no repentance
never acceptance...
of the light
which might
bring unity
conformity, but allow
singularity, so thou
may think for oneself
and that one
becomes some
becomes more
then all
without faith we are lost
but religion has such cost
...it cannot be denied
...count the millions that died
for what
for why
for a prophets cry...
only words
to be heard
but faith is for ones own need
do not proffer a single seed
as life can but grow
from life that we sow
with debate, hate, desolate...

loving one another?
a smother
of reality
leading to finality...

and why?
do we cry?

the tears fall
at the call
of others...
brothers in humanity
or pure insanity?

...that's enough of my life wasted on





as the ice-cream
on your skin...

this heat can melt
as you felt
the coolness
over you and me...

can I lick it up?
raise the cup
of your full bikini top
and stop
it laying
with your skin
tormenting within
heat rising
need satisfying
as I lick
then slow
as the heat glows
as your 'heat' grows
pressed against
you have no defence
'please'! enter and fill
have your will
and way
led astray
with me, give me
it all
before I fall
to the ground
being ground
collapsed in a heap
of fire, desire, a pyre
burning, learning
teaching, beseeching
wanting MORE!
the sun sets in fluidity
hot liquidity
pleasure to treasure
hand in hand
gland in gland
hot in the sand...
buried and entwined
passion unrefined
as you...

...just a dream?.....taste it!




a fan
fully spanned
as you crave
its wave
gently across your skin
releasing from within
the heat
a pleasing treat
allowing the fire
to expire
not moving
a cooling air
cross skin so fair
that goosebumps and ripples
raised nipples
not excited
but delighted
in the aftermath of passion
rendered and fashioned
towards peace, tranquility
contentment, serenity
at least until
more ice-cream is spilled...!




ok...not exactly poetry but here goes...

get yer nob out
wake it up
then one hand
around to cup
if yer nob
is still in sight
wrap hand two
above for delight
if yer didn't
need hand two
then yer inches
are very few
but if two hands
still leaves it higher
then you're a donkey
or a liar!





My mind's all a tizz
as I whizz
the fairground
I spin in a dream
it's not what it seems
bright colours and sounds
in a flight
feeling light
savoury aromas
brain in coma
of glitz and glee
on the rollercoaster ride
can't hide
the desire
the fire burning inside
as I ride
a wurlitzer spinning
thoughts all a sinning
towards a sweet scent
heaven scent
from the candyfloss stall
all sugary and amelt
in my mouth, fluffy and svelt
just like my brain?
or just filled with a high
that can't be denied
as my mind doth stray
will you come out to play?
..in the fairground... 




It's not the same...
It's still long
It's still hard
but I long
for the buzz...

Where are they?
I can't play
No fun
without one
I salivate
to lubricate
at leisure
for my pleasure
but with no humming
it's harder c0ming

must find it
I need it
satisfaction decrees it
I plead
I need
I'm h0rny and hot
for a spot
of teasing
of tension and desire
I so do aspire
'til I tire
sated and elated
filled and fulfilled

I need to fire up my rabbit
for a fully satisfying habit
but I'm in a passionless hell
without my duracell!




'What's on?'
who cares - I'm with you...
'is it scary?'
who cares - I'll hold you...
'will you?'

In the seats
at the back
we settle
and relax
but the tension
between us
is higher
than the screen thus...

the film rolls
I unfold
my arms...
I sense
more nervousness
than calm...

My arm goes around
your shoulder
no sound
no movement
to be seen
except from
the big screen...

I pull you near
in a huddle
sense some fear
but teasingly cuddle
as you watch
or not
temperature rising
it's hot...

I take your hand
in mine
so soft
so fine
you look towards me
with a smile
look away at
the film a while
but before
the second act
do attract...

we face each other
smile and peck
briefly on the lips
then the neck
then the passion
and warm tinglings
felt inside
as we kiss
and miss
the film...




you loved me and cared
through joy and pain
and when I felt scared
you stroked me again
and tho' the end has finally come
I won't forget
that you were my mum
you fed me and loved me
in healthy happy times
and you cared even more
as my health did decline
I won't ever forget
the love that you gave
just remember the memories
of happiness to save
the warmth of my fur
felt in your fingers
my contented purr
forever will linger
so denny please don't be sad
now that I've passed
the love lives on
and forever will last...




May I
have this dance?
I look at you
all a-trance...
it's the last dance tonight
all evening, I've been afright
of asking...

It's a slow one
I feel so meek
as we move closer
cheek to cheek
I sense
your body heat
this is the perfect
time to meet
the music pounds
from heart to heart
I hold you tightly
where to start?
my hands pull you closer
my mind all a fluster
we swing, in fusion
senses combined from confusion
you feel so sweet
and the beat
of the music, compounds
our sensual coupling, profound
intense sensuality
complete in totality
a fusion
with no illusion
of combined
movement entwined
heat, pouring
touching, imploring
I implore!
this is sheer sensation
of a dual combination
where rhythm and soul
becomes the whole
as we unite as one
intensity of fun
curvaceous synchronicity
passionate simplicity...

the song ends
we are now more...than friends
so now home as lovers
private dancing... to discover? 




I came as soon as you asked
fully equipped,prepared for the task
with warm hands and vick
ready to slip and slick
tho' the smell require a mask!

You left me believing
your chest was a-heaving
and needed some TLC...
so I arrived with the lotion
to set in motion
some relief for you, and for me!

I apply it so gently
rubbing dili-gently
in circles with smooth caress...
and then as the virus
retreats, it inspires us
with passion, to both undress...

Your breathing increases
as poorliness ceases
as I caress your bust...
and illness forgotten
as we are besotten
in healthy, entwined, hot lust! 




Warrior Queen
Flame haired fighter
protector supreme
Icenic leader
with vengeance and heart
battling the romans
strength of mind to impart...
her daughters abused
herself, flogged and misused
a defender of might
so willing to fight
against the invasion
from Londinium
through Verulanium
were all burnt to the ground
then to East Anglian regions
Suetonius' full legions
were fought to the core
by Boudicas full score...
and with a deep plight
for the living right
to continue the fight
and win in Camulodunum
against all that was thrown at them...
A raven-haired leader
to all that would succeed her
a sirenaceous vision of power
with a rampant lioness glower
cascading hair down to her waist
flowing as she rode with haste
fully adorned in flight
worn glowing torc, golden light
repelling invasion
seeking reparation...
and when she couldn't survive
she would not remain alive
to gift them her being
all living, all seeing
so she left the divide
took poison, to hide
the fierceness, the fury
at least satiated, inside...
and so with her memory
her pure strength of mind
allows us to prosper
she was one of a kind... 




Spots before the eyes
a dalmation, a dog of great size
presents the query of why?...

It's not designed for hiding
even in a snowdriven siding
as the black spots remain abiding...

for such a peaceful beast
slightly soppy, with angers ceased
still excitable in playing
but good and true at obeying
a doggy friend forever
whether on or off the tether
but still poses the mystery
as for why the spots we see?




are we whiter than white?
glazed in stagefright
from our own volition
providing a position
of sanctity, of sanctuary
inblessed with purity
a modernistic obscurity
with leanings, hidden meanings
and thoughts of what ought
to be, to be seen, or obscene
and steamy dreams
that still seem
imperveous to personal reflection
of the direction
full erection
vivid, livid
ripe and proud, aloud
so we follow, however hollow
and in our mindsight
without fright or hindsight
temptations of delight
some respite
leading to
for sensations
in-built, in sense, incensed
drawn towards many a divergence
leading to temporary allegiance
of desire, pure fire, fatefully entire
within, without, with sin
from intrinsic ideals
be they false or be real
what becomes, comes
what faulters, alters
our perception
our confession
of virtuousity
deep within, you and me... 




open the jar, let's have a lookie
oh wow, my favourite cookies!
brew a coffee
rich and creamy
salivating the sensation
all hot and steamy!
I dunk to savour
enhanced flavour
tummy rumbles...
then the cookie, crumbles...
it's obscene!
my caffeine!
has stolen
my cookie now soft and swollen
the chocolate bits
my guilty hit
lost at the bottom of the cup
dunked, sunk, never to return up!
and now the rich gloop
more a sweet cup-a-soup
lumpy bits, choc soft hits
awaiting ingestion
leaving the question...
why dunk it???