Poeticity - feel the noize...

One Hand - a small collection from last year  (27 poems)

some hand-picked items of mine from UKCb from Sept - Dec 08 - 'need a hand' and beyond...





 in the dark still silence
look up to the skies
and surmise
how many stars
so far
away in the distance
puts our humble existance
into reality
the finality
as our imagination soars past
the moon towards mars
red and barren so waste
and desolate
empty, with neither the fire
of venus, to inspire
or the heat of mercury
it's flaming fury
awaiting it's turn
to burn
as the sun dies
before our distant eyes
and jupiter looms large
it's magnificence so charged
with storms and confusion
a swirling profusion
of gases and apocalyptic ire
much fiercer than fire
leaving saturn in awe
its rings so much more
than a dressing to tease
encircling to please
those able to view
from this flight into worlds
that become more unfurled
with secrets still unknown
no nearer we've flown
than in this dream of our skies
through our own minds eye...





Crisp battered and fried
but have you tried?
todays special - a fillet of plaice
the succulence and flavour
is something to savour
as the vinegar assaults your face
licking your lips
catching the drips
from the chips
as you dip
your fingers in...
the feast wrapped in paper
enjoyed now not later
is such a heavenly sin! 




Tea for two?
Sugar and milk?
A stirring brew
Smooth as silk
With saucer to catch
Any drops that dispatch
From your sweet lips
As you take a sip
And ponder the need
To be dined or tea'd
When a cup could be shared
And pleasantries bared
To fulfil such a lot
Over a hot steaming pot.....






In another world
at another time
we could soar above the skies
free in flight
always in sight
with love in each others eyes...

Upon the winds
when light has dimmed
we'd guide each through the air
to safety and calm
basked in warmth and calm
with hearts entwined so fair...

Gliding above
united in love
with freedom within our view
to spread wings together
feathers touching forever
two doves, in love, me and you...






Back from the shore
Wish'd I'd caught more
Than a single, glorious Bass...
But when I looked
After I had cooked
A sumptuous meal, alas...
The sweet, pure flesh
The result of my sesh
Casting into the surf...
And enjoying the flavour
So succulent to savour
Seemed so much more than it's worth...
With the king of fish
I created a dish
And added mussels and herbs
Along with some cream
To add to the gleam
Of such a gourmet proverb...
Never mess with the fish
Unless it's your wish
To hide it subtleties, never coarse...
Just enjoy the fillet
simply in a skillet
with butter and herb, simple sauce...!





Do you hide
behind the sofa
Or peek
out from the sheets
when you're watching
Something scary
and your flesh
begins to creep
having nightmares
of the visions
silent creatures
or apparitions
that prevent you
from safely falling
into, a deep sleep...
was it the idea
sent before you
or the image
that reviles
or the sensation
of damnation
or the silence
hanging for miles
in the distance
a chill wind follows
through rustling trees
and sleepy hollows
creeping slowly
when you're lonely
til a cold breath
at your neck
darkness with no smile
just the emptiness
of fright
lasting long into the night...
life suspending
the shivers
down your spine
it may seem
just a dream
but the end is not in sight...
so you cower
but your eyes won't close
and you can't shut out
the visage
of terror
before you...
til morning comes
then you can relate
what happened
or did it?
is it too late?
to recover
when the arms of a lover
wrap around
intense and profound
to soothe
and remove
any fear
from your heart...

until the next time...





When it's meant
Or is it too slick
And your fingers repent
When it runs all over
Everything else
And doesn't adhere
To any rules that it's bent
And so the frustration
When nothing will grip
Is merely a lesson
Watch where your fingers you dip...






The opening move
cannot remove
a piece...
but what will follow
will surely swallow
at least...
if the white knight is taken
or just forsaken
to the black knight
all dark and stern
then the pawns in this session
have not earned their lesson
and still have much to learn
the bishops will preach
diagonal lines to teach
and swipe those in the way
and castles can fashion
side swiping with passion
never forget their strength or delay
protecting the queen
although she may seem
enthroned in a safe hideaway
behind her strong fortress
just never be cautious
or too safe in the way you play
the king is so lazy
there are many ways he
can be cornered to die
but unless you are brave
you will never save
a game, or it is life, to deny...
a simple checkmate
will make you relate
the simplicity of the game
tho' it may hold wonder
there are dark moves asunder
to draw, is never the same...






A bushy tailed fox
snuck into the box
where annas' kittens were hid
so she chased it away
with such fury to pay
and covered the box with a lid!
Now the fox so red
has it in his head
that he must never come back
or anna will strive
with a carving knife
and a bushy tail he will lack!





 thomas of marmalade
came into the house
waiting for food
or to find a mouse
when anna made a grab
and swung him around
cos she was so happy
that she had found
a poem to cheer her
but thomas wasn't to be had
so she put him to ground
and tho' he was so glad
to stop being swirlier
and that everything did seem
more cheerful than earlier
but he only wanted some cream....!





those who betray
those we love
fill with dismay
if that's not enough
then honesty has
lost the fight
to share truth
whatever might
have caused distress
and upset
a persons feelings
by underhand measures
and no regret
but retribution
is never the way
to put things right
that have gone astray
so the choice must be made
to start afresh
and win the day
by showing strength
through thought and action
and deny the betrayer
of any satisfaction...




Break glass...
but not before supping
whatever you're cupping
in your hands
and then study
what remains
tho' it may muddy
your thoughts
that again
in the depths of the glass
reach the bottom, at last
to find a solution
an answer
or excuse
so obtuse
that reason is denied
then put aside
to deride
at a later date
you can't relate
what is happening in truth
without real proof
so eyes are shut
still wide open, but
reality becomes fantasy
in the heat that you seek
but are too meek
to grasp within reach
and beseech
to those that you try to tell
even yell
but deafness falls
silencing the calls
from your heart
and so to start
the fire
a pyre
from within
not a sin
but igniting
the fighting
to save true belief
but no relief
can stop the churning
getting fried
blood boils, soul burning
then just as it matters
the empty glass shatters...






awoke, and her eyes
alighted on the ice...
full of clarity and cold
and secrets untold
and frozen thoughts
that ought
to be unleashed
kept unsheathed
from the depths of the chill
with a will
to share
and care
for the day ahead
will give warmth to spread
and melting the heart
with love to impart
and tho' the chill in the weather
can sometimes untether
what anchors the storm
to be released and forlorn
then sent to depart
still in the heart
and never to die
nevermind how much
the chill doth try
the warmth of expression
will render the lesson
that love will e'er beat
the chill to retreat...
leaving warmth
in the fire of your eyes
beneath autumn_skies...






A glove can cover
the hands of a lover
or keep one's own fingers warm
and when held tight
anothers' hand might
stop feelings so forlorn
in each finger
a feeling can linger
even when far apart...
as simple sensations
can bring elation
when touching from hand to heart!




Lacy or frilly
sensible or silly
enticing or plain
practical or insane
french or g-string
hiding or revealing
cotton or plastic
tight or elastic
edible or woolly
hiding or fully
exposed or hidden
to rip or be ridden
side ties or lace
in your heart or your face
silky or scanty
whatever the panty
it's what lies under
that sends me asunder
to rip or to peel
the sensation is real
and then when I uncover
the scents of a lover
moist, ripe for picking
the fruits ready for licking.....lol






Over the crimson horizon
I have my eyes on
the future
and yet the darkness ensuing
into a torment behind
searching, but cannot find
a reason for chaos
an argument against
or a solution
in the confusion
that fills this world
full of anger and bile
others ignore
making sure
their ship can sail
calmly away from
the maelstrom
they create
and leave under calm skies
before the storm arrives
lashing rain drives
us back
under our stone
to bemoan
the injustice of power
with ne'er a glower
towards those whose unity
driven with impunity
crushes us all
until we sliver
like a river
following the flow
one way to go
to become part of the broken dream
which did never seem
within reach of clawing fingers
to become the memory that lingers
just like...a crimson horizon






As dawn does arise
my eyes
are drawn towards
the lakes and fjords
that are still...
with silence

the early morning glaze
never fails to amaze
in reflection
of the still brooding skies above
chilled, but warmed with love
a confection

of memories past
forever to last
in the heart
and of futures to bring
solo songs, to sing
when distance is so far apart

but collision of feeling
reaches above the ceiling
bursting into the ether so still
and sense and frustration
still leads to elation
grown deep from one's own freewill

thus the ice would melt
releasing sweet perfume as smelt
in the air with a tingle
scents to mingle
senses to entrance
askew or askance
but a chance
combined in a joyous perfume
as joy enters the room
to bring warmth inside
love never denied...





How much truth do we see
In what we are told
Do you believe
Everything you're sold?
Is your imagination
By what you see or hear
Delivering fear
So that meanings
Personal leanings
Are ignored
Merely stored
In the depths of a mind
Unable to find
A reason to be
With ideals so free
But ignominy
And refracts
From reality and policy
A fallacy or phallusy
On the out....come
When expression fails
Is curtailed
By rules, set by fools
Left with tools
And the inability
To provide stability
For anyone
Without sun
Or sense
To propense
Ne'er frighten
As true a leader
Becomes the feeder
To follow
However hollow
And in that description
Our lives become fiction
Follow the spiel
It's real
And then fully doped
Life without hope...

Keep a smile...






We spend our whole existence
with persistance
our dreams may realise
or be denied
as we try
to consider options
battered by others
who may conceive
a belief
that what is requested
won't happen
but we won't know
and they will not show
the direction
or any affection
leaving us waiting
is this luck?
or can we force
show no remorse
in our strident endeavour
to bring just a little pleasure
not just self-seeking obsession
maybe a confession
that results from not pushing
our case to state
or denegrate
before others intrude
or advice
not nice
but reality must take a hold
and urge the need
to be bold
to be strong
to long...
for too long?
what we may wish is our denial
but never final
as there can be hope and fortune
to discover
a true lover
who will lead and hold your hand
without demand
through the drifting time
less sublime
but still sate
while you wait...
and then?
wait and see
what brings together
you and me...






The clock ticks...
behind a time
is a framework
in discipline and by lines
not enraptured
by movement or frisson
ne'er to listen
to freewill
as it would spill
over the edge of confusion
creating the delusion
to escape
mental rape?
of personal enhancement
or entrancement
by one
or more
with ideas that release
pieceing the peace
felt within
is that a sin?
to deny or decry
a sole soul unfulfilled
unable to spill
the deepest requests
at the behest
of those who cannot decide
whether lifes ride
of ups and downs
tears and frowns
cannot be free to choose
win or lose
in the variety restricted
by time
or are we all clocked
minute-by-minute docked
of expression
is that the lesson?
by restrictions
and the fiction
that we are free to relate
pure love or hate
and in a second
it stops...




I need to sleep
my eyes are shred
my body groans
aches in my head
I need a pillow
to rest my mind
a warming blanket
then to unwind
and slumber in
a cosy wrap
hoping for
more than a nap
but what will keep
my mind from straying
into thoughts
so dismaying
because e'en when I finally lie
my dreams surrender
no matter how I try
to memories of a body smooth
next to me, with me
here to soothe
but now I face an empty bed
and wishes turn to things we said
and emptiness fills my broken heart
as I remember
why we had to part
but now I know
life is never pure
and I must rest
alone once more
and hope my dreams can be real
to share such love with one I feel
could make the day and especially night
fulfil each other with delight
with hearts and minds
joined and entwined
then sleep would come
with a special one...






when nightfall creeps
slowly, depriving sleep
and the hours
with power
of the clock
fail to unlock
the freedom of rest
to divest
as the length
of days change
the mind
being unkind
and with dreams
madness may descend
reality and reason
in this season
of deprivation and starvation
of peace
an etude to create
a symphony
of sounds that resonate
leaving hate
to debate
in frustration and tears
darkening fears
and wishing for
days, when more
light shows when it should
brightness that could
then pitch
towards the extreme
darkness - serene
and sleep may follow
and swallow
the pain, gained
from sadness
turning to gladness
at an equilibrium of the role
salvation of the soul
the sole
redeemer as sleep
envelops then invigorates
satisfies and sates
our need for rest
delivering zest
for the next day
as the pendulum sways...

sweet dreams!






For those we have lost
ne'er to be forgotten
this simple rhyme
can be repeated often
you love enabled
my life to mature
from childhood and innocence
through thoughts so impure
in weakness and sadness
happiness and gladness
your love held me raptured
your knowledge was captured
for me to preserve
much more than I deserve
and the love that you gave
I will always cherish and save... 


 ...sombre thoughts can still
be happy memories
in your mind
as those lost
never forget
and let
you remember
as they still can see you...


I always say
whatever the day
and however you may feel...
a smile is worth
more than brief mirth
leaving lasting appeal...
if you wear a smile
it will defile
any sadness or hate in your head...
so share it wide
ne'er be afraid to hide
good feelings to give instead...
of morning depression
be wanting confession
or just feeling a little bit low...
share a smile today
and come what may
it will leave you, all of a glow!



 There is light
in front of us
and we should follow
despite of us
as what is past
must be passed
as our future
is what we have
to aim for
and ensure
that happiness can be ours
from this minute
leading to the hours
that will become a solution
leading to a fusion
of unity, electricity, simplicity
as when we find
what reflects in our mind
the shadow will lift
to gift
each ones life with expectance
following repentence
to finish the sentence
that has restricted our vision
now escape from this prison
to cast the chains
that remain
from the past
then look toward
a brighter way forward
it is there for you to take
and whatever decision you make
the confidence that arrives
will help you decide
that there is warmth to be found
and joyous feelings can abound
with strength from within our hearts
putting pieces to make the whole part
leading to
a life anew
for you...





Is it still night?
the darkness outside
still blights
at this hour
and the rain frustrates
seemingly full of hate
blasted by the wind
not to rescind
in the tune it drums
a crescendo
peaking violent hums
at my window...
is this coastal depression
an expression
to dampen the season
without true reason
when all need a lift
as we sift
thru' the intensity of time
tingling of the spine
a backbone to stand
strength in demand
in this moment of the year
when cheer
should be at it's highest
but this low does deny us
when exultancy, expectancy
is raised
not erased
by the love from others
and to smother
this joy
cannot destroy
the light we feel
even when darkness distills...






what have you done
I've had a complaint
from your sweet mum...
olly and you
sooty and minni moo
have been dashing
and splashing
painted puddyprints anew!
and such a mess
have you created
your poor mum
need to be sated
so snuggle up
and purr so nicely
and tell her you love her
in a pu$$y way, precisely
and then if you're lucky
and have been kind
mum'll say
she didn't really mind
and when you've done all of this
don't forget to give her a kiss!





When two hearts combine
totally entwined
and decide that both
need to become entrothed
and the smiles held within
as their hearts do grin
in a joy so warm
as the angels do swarm
floating above
holding true love
and with each special word said
'tween each others head
a special bond doth enclose
sweet secrets to know
and wishes for these lovers
comes before all others
in silence to fulfil
each loves full own will
and the strength that does grow
is for them to know
and cherish resultant
with feelings exultant
their deep love together
for now and forever.....

for kim and craig