Poeticity - feel the noize...

sep tempo....a return to the world of words and friendship...

A dry month for words, but love has flowed.....



Emoting the Moment...

feelings felt from within
deep, dark, maybe a sin
as I hold you.....
warmth swarms like honey-bees
the elixir of life shared 'tween you and me
as I told you.....
we are as one, lost partners in fun
souls collating, memories as one
no longer cold, silent but true.....
we embrace, face to face
each other has lost others apace
but it's our view.....
how your heart beats, I feel more complete
we kiss into this abyss now gone forever
caress, heat from our sadness together
and it's good........we now know
thus our joined hearts glow............



Devotion to a Notion...

random words in resplendant time
meanings and leanings spelt in rhyme
enquire to aspire with vocal accord
playing a saying that's never ignored
compilation of frustration seeping out
listen or be missing, solitary shouts
ambiguety may seem fruity
juices may flow
the unanswered question
to the answer you know
if felicity and pity be drowned by your mind
then implicit simplicity is felt and signed
but the signature from a ligature
unleashes the leash
strapped, capped and without a sheath
purity bared, by soul or skin
rampant wiles shared, sensuality within
you devote, but coldly emote
every word that you provide
and when rhythmic emotions
lead to minds that collide...



 When years have past and frustration fulfils
how are we to know when love overspills?
when a chance meeting turns to infatuation
every moment together a planned situation
when two people have long loved then lost
what are the chances of unity without cost?
tears and confessions, heartfelt expressions
neither knowing where or when it's going
only something has clicked and is flowing
waiting, wanting, to take the next touch
why should the past, count for so much?
memories held in both minds eye
afraid to follow the fluidity undenied
intrinsic attraction, it's living and there
time to unite without past cares
I said, I'd write this, just for you
but these feelings are fresh but not new
so my fiery, passionate, sweet temptress
I await you here tomorrow, to undress.....




There is sunshine in my life
and it's you...
the clouds have passed, at last
and our love is true...
we've shared, compared, laughed and cried
and now togetherness, our love, is undenied
the rain that fell, drowning us both before
we now can grow, fed by passionate amore
from these seedlings sown
the simple beginnings have grown
something special, effervescent and fun
now we are as one
sweet intensity, you and me
straight from the sun







Fate befell us, a shared nicotine direction
you couldn't sit, so you sat
we smiled, spent a while
we smoked, we joked
we chatted, found affection
a delight, lit a light, soon that was that..

we chatted, we laughed, we met eye to eye
and what we have now, no-one can deny
interraction, mutual satisfaction
a pure instinct, a connection from the heart
somehow we knew, that we, will never part...

and sensuality flows, from every pore of your
twinned vitality, in reality, bursts from
as fate befell us, thus passion did follow
intensity, honesty, full never hollow
and now we both know...
that each day it still grows...




we connected
through both lost lives
finding intoxicating drives
lips locked, clocks slipped
where does time go?
when love flows...
from one soul to one heart
from that heart to that soul
as time unfolds and the folds of time
release pent up expression
deep down confessions
leading to the leading
minds as one reading
each other...
a script written as a duet
a passion play, never to forget
a waltz in time, true words in rhyme
let's dance...
sing a song, gently to my ear
lingering long, removing all fears
when love is exultant, unity unsurpassed
and refined, then aligned
now and forever to last...





As the last vestiges of summer sun have past
we know these moments of love will last
and as autumn prevails with fallen leaf
our unity brings splendour in belief
of our new found eternal love
from radiant sun to rain from above
we drown in each others soaken bliss
every cloud that empties has fragrant mist
which then envelops our united souls
to keep us hot through winters cold
wrapped, enraptured with desire
burning heat from mutual fire
and then spring will follow true
vibrant and fresh for me and you........






A simple touch lingers
from heart warmed fingers
burnt into my soul
entangled, entranced, enticed
through liquid shared, nothing spared
juices as natural oils so intimately flowing
skin tingling, effervescently glowing
a touch, tempting, teasing, pleasing
hair tousled and heat arousing
butterfly kisses to taloned carouses
skin deep engraving follows lustful craving
to touch, to bite, delight
emotive stroking, seeking those places
inflamed stoking, leaving fluid traces
to taste, ne'er waste the fountains
to peak together at the highest mountain
eaten, consumed perfumed, perfection
subtle flavours from deepest affection
gorging, engorged, sated, elated
then hunger returns, pure love unabated
so feed me forever..... 






What once was an abyss
cold, empty and dark...
has be revived by this love
deep, true, fresh and stark...
wide openness of feelings swirl in the tide
from the depths of confusion
a pure fresh crest we ride
to a loving collusion, no illusion...
clarity from the deep, loves seeps
and infuses heat, your perfection complete
tide turned, lessons learned
waves of exultance shared
like nothing before now compared
the intricacies of personal tides
once hidden, nae lost, but now fully revived
flow.....in depths we seek, in love we keep
each other...breathe deep
infuse this lifeblood...as one






on the waves of desire
a fire undoused, a sea with peaks to aspire
ride them, float with tidal nuance seeking
nocturnal, eternal, crested peaking
ebb and flow as flames grow
exultations to say, exhuberance to show
swim in the saturnal rings of connection
share venusian hot blooded resurrection
mercurial tempest in conjoined liquidity
seeping within to the sea of tranquility
dance the dance, sing the tune
as waves flow from neptune
washing the past from the rocky shore
so mother earth as lover wanting more...






As I lay supine
you tease...
talented talons on my spine
you please...
each claw is followed by a genteel kiss
each shout for more then a moment of bliss
every intimate marking so pure
making it intricate and indelible
every intense moment I adore
monumentally unforgettable
sign your name, take lifeblood from my veins
drink from my whole terrain
as I do yours
I do as you implore
wanting more...
giving and receiving, still unbelieving
but it's real, each feel
florescence in abundance of shared elation
subtle touch to echoed vibrant sensation
as only we know, only we share
each solitary tingle a flare
free fire fascination forever undenied
we will burn the sky...






Heat flows powerful, so totally apt
newborn fire from desire, rapt and unwrapped
raptures like sun-spots of intensity
born from flickers so wicked in their propensity
burn as I melt, turn as we smelt
flavours flowing throughout
solder united, bolder love unrequited
twin-flames, twinned games
we both win.....





 Winds howl through the trees
rain rattles at your door
dark nights follow dark mornings
you can't stand any more...

oh for the sun and warmer days
so for heat from hearts ablaze
you snuggle under man-made rugs
duvet movements with plentiful hugs
wrapped, rapt, in each other arms
bodies art-felt, in heartfelt calm
chills dispersed, goosebumps nursed
strokes well versed, time for work cursed
under covers, skin uncovered
heat rising with sensations surprising
your own summer sun leading to summit fun
each flame but a flicker
as passions rise quicker...

who cares whatever be the weather outside
we two lie here, entwined side by side
body heat, expressed in sensual ways
we forget winters hell, under our duvet... 





 And so it goes on...
Your indifference breeds hate
your intimation breathes pure lust to sate
and when desire overrides the anger within
then we sin...

And so it grows on...
we fight with words, never to be heard
we delight with intimate wiles
we give and take and claw and rake
our nights filled fulfilled with smiles...
then we begin...

And so it flows on...
we share, compare, visions of future repair
we alight to times of silent passion
our fare, an affair, to take us both there
to our dreams together, ours to fashion
then we grin...

the ire turns to desire
the sadness turnss to fun
the fire burns to aspire
as we two conjoin as one...

with a smile shared.............






that fragrant felicitation you left
left my throbbing heart bereft
of your soul to control my emotions
my heart still pulses with devotion
oh, how families leave disparity
ripped apart temporarily with no clarity...
our joined secrets, hidden desires
our entwined funereal pyres
as we wait to sate our fates...
we know, love doth grow
yet so afraid to show
to others...
lest they smother
our reality of comparity
you and me
we know...





paint the words of life on the stave
with music to annotate each turn
dance to the script yet be sure to save
your love for the one that you yearn...
transcribe each desire in heartfelt symphony
a tympani to cymbal-ise your feelings
with beating heart the backing to epiphony
and the music of love is so healing...






A frosty morning, with a sobering thought
back to work tomorrow, with hangover fraught
champagne for breakfast, to toast in the
crisp air to breathe, to stifle the yawning
warm hands to roam, and revive the soul
caresses blindfolded, arousing the whole
finger fed teasing and finger led pleasing
spilt liquid expression, now never ceasing
bubbles that froth in a warm wet envelope
tingling and mingling in passionate hope
for a fountain fulfilling, of lifes living
shared juices infused, as love has decreed
follow then swallow, drink from the font
of living expression, as is your want
empty the sacks of present giving
a future now filled with loving living...
so to all, my shared festive wishes
may the new year be full of blissful KISSES...






She has hair golden and flowing

a smile as wide as could be

she's cute as can be in her barefeet and jeans

she's an alabamababe to me...

she works all hours god gives

and waits for a lottery win

so she can hire a private jet

and fly away for a life of sin...

she'd love to to be able to paddle

on golden sun-kissed shores

and never again be faced

with all those household chores...

so perhaps one day dreams may come true

and she'll be able to take flight

but for now, she brightens my day

the one and only, southerndelite!






I spotted the spots from afar

watched them land on a leaf

saw them dance together

in love not war, a relief!

little wings of vibrant scarlet

spots of darkest black

tentative steps before mating begins

as one climbs on the others back...

paired wings flutter in appreciation

as the passion does cease

before they go their separate ways

on the summers gentle breeze...






Hidden in hellholes

fighting for what?

protecting the sovereign

stealing an enemy's lot

from squaddie to the frontline

a profession of mental mish-mash

but the nation ignores you

as from bunker to floor you crash

until you die.....why?


politicians playing chess with lives

arming the army and selling to foes

forgetting desperate families and wives

in modern warfare, anything goes...

build up hatred, fill with lies

power play sated, inherent evils despised

no rhyme no reason, no off season

all year every year, filling lives with fear...

fighting against hidden nightmares

another bodybag filled, only the bereaved care

a number on a dog-tag, a name on a plaque

so many  went, so many never come back...

and they tried...why?


what is there to gain from this unnecessary pain

delivering duty, leading to oblivions salute

the last post not a letter, merely a final refrain

of  wasted lives, that no-one can refute...

simplistic logistics of government chest-beating

a number calculated in selfish bleatings

of protecting the country from evil intent

to recover the cover-up of covert time spent

in greed, to bleed, the forces are forced

to fight for a right, that's three times divorced

from reality...a finality with no tears left to cry...

and why?







Katie sat there and keyed in the address

eight times she tried and failed! Aw bless

first she missed out a little password

then her attempts just failed to be heard...

sent her invites direct from the site

seemed to happen almost every night

then when she finally got allowed in after duress

she left her 'name' as an email  address

so at last she put it right you see

after the threat of being put over my knee!

and now she's ready to add to the site

with personal poems, full of sadness and light

and I hope she not a passing supernova

or else it'll be, come here and bend over! 

lol x  





molded, enfolded, scraped then shaped
with subtle movements of fingers...
to fully encase then sinuously drape
around curves defined, hands still linger...
with smooth caresses, bold pliant addresses
shaping the definitive in clay...
moisture flowing with each touch knowing
sweat pours from your brow in display...
thus pulsatingly showing your invention
of a mind full of lustful creativity...
and fluid lucidity of tactile intention
as supple hands create a statue of me!






Succulence, with sweet fluids accrued

from shared feeding of food-thoughts so lewd

ripe and resplendant, a strawberry fayre

moist and sun-kissed, sheer devil may care...


drizzled with chocolate, melted by minds

with lashings of honey-dripped cream

leading to pleasure yet undefined

so sticky sweet and all in between...


vibrant appetites sating desire

crushed almonds heated then iced

steamily and yet still raising the fires 

strawberry infusion, lovingly spiced...


slipping and sliding down expectant throats

glistening glory in post orgasmic salute

gasping in pleasure and whispered emotes

revived from filled, chilled champagne flutes!